Houses For Rent in Ibadan at Affordable Prices.


The beauty of the end of each day is a place to rest and start off the next day, the beauty of our soil is our lovely buildings, and everyone is entitled to it.

These are some houses round Ibadan with good residential locations, interiors, exteriors, and environments.

  1. A 3bedroom flat in Yejide Molete side, borehole, wardrobe, 2toilet, 2bathrooms, for 100k per year
  2. A 3bedroom flat By DSTV Akala express all tiles borehole, 2toilet, 2bathrooms, fence and gate.  just 2tenants in the compound for 220k per year.

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3. A 3bedroom at Oluyole 300k per year just 2tenant in the compound.
4.A  2bedroom flat in Felele rab tiles, borehole, wardrobe, 3toilets and 2bathrooms, fence and gate for 250k per year.
5. A room self contain at Felele, it comes with borehole, nice house 90k per year (direct).
6. Lovely 3bedroom office space in Ringroad for 300k per year.
7. A room and parlour self contain at challenge, tiles and running water for   180k per year
8. Newly built room and parlour self contain at Elebu not far from the road, tiles, POP, borehole, 2toilets, 2bathrooms,  just 3tenants in the compound for 200k per year.
9.  A 3bedroom at oluyole for just 300k per year.  2tenants in the compound
10.  A room and parlour self contain at Kuola, Akala express way,tiles, wardrobe, running water, rent is for 120k a year.
11.  A room self contain at revival street sharp corner area Oluyole,tiles, running water, rents for 100k a year.
12. A 3bedroom flat at Adedayo street,sharp corner area Oluyole estate, 2toilets 2bathroom,wardrobe, borehole water, tarrazo floor. Rent for 200k per year.
13. A 3bedroom flat at Ayilara street, sharp corner, Oluyole estate, 4toilets, 3bathrooms, all round tiles, wardrobe, borehole, new standing air condition, the new house is for rent 400k.
14. A 3bedroom flat self compound at Oke-Ominira street opposite ‘d pumps club’ akala express way, all round tiles, 4toilets, 3bathrooms, rent 300k.
15. A ordinary room at Adedayo street, Oluyole extension, fence and gated, rent 30k

16. A  2bedroom flat at kuola, Akala expressway, all round tiles, wardrobe, POP,all room en suit, running water, rent for 250k
17. Newly built 3 bedroom duplex at Ringroad 500
18. Newly renovated 2bedroom flat at oni and sons 320k
19. Newly built 2bed at Alalubosa 400k

20. A 3 beds at Fodasis, new house, rent for 400k.
21. A 3 beds at Orita challenge, rent for 140k.
22. A 3 beds at Oluyole for 320k.
23. A 3 beds bungalow at Elebu new house, rent for 400k
24.  A 2 beds at Elebu, rent for 250k.


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