Humans of Ibadan: I went to school to study bible chapters. Now I am the ‘Hot ‘Cake’ Tech Guy.

humans of Ibadan olalekan

I left secondary school at a very young age. I got an admission that same year into the University, I was not given what I applied for but because I wanted to leave the house and finish school early, I accepted Religious studies as a course of study for four good years.

Years went by and I graduated early enough just like I wanted to. After service year and after looking for job for a long while was when reality dawned on me that nobody wanted to offer a Religious studies graduate any job. It was like I had nothing else to offer besides bible chapters, verses or the knowledge of rapture and Christ’s 2nd coming! They all claimed that my discipline had no technical skills.

That I wasn’t more or less better than a missionary! I realized that today’s economy requires technical skills in all ways then I knew that I must have something to offer beyond my certificate. I then set out to get some serious technical skills.

I met with some technical experts with the determination of becoming an expert in something and not to go back like my other colleagues for masters in peace and conflict and other courses.

Now that step I took is paying off now. I am a certified technology guru! I am the Tech-Guy everyone is calling and waiting to see, I am the Tech-Guy who is travelling out of the country to give lectures and trainings.

Today, I am the tech-Guy who is referred to as a ‘hot-cake’ working with google. I am Olalekan the Tech-Guy.


(Complied By Olamide Michael)


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