Humans Of Ibadan: Truly Education is a leverage to success in life.

humans of Ibadan mr felix

I grew up in the Far East where education is only for the rich. I didn’t have the opportunity for higher education; I struggled to finish high school which was the end of education for me. After years of farming I decided to relocate to Ibadan where I stayed with my uncle who helped me get a job as a clerk at the University of Ibadan. I was very hard working, and everyone loved me until I was disqualified and sacked due to request for education upgrades. Of course, I was sent to the street after many years in service. I later secured a job with K&G where I worked for years until I was sacked again due to the need for me to upgrade my education. As a matter of fact, I worked with different big companies but I was always disqualified after years in service due to the same reason. After struggling for years as a young guy getting late for marriage, I went back home with no money nor wife to show forth, my parent encouraged me and helped me get married before I left for Ibadan again. When I got to Ibadan, I started working as security guard at night and as a gardener during the day with different companies, the pay was never enough and the love was never there from other employees. After many years of working with different organizations, moving from one to another, I secured a job with a school as a gardener, the children are cultured and the environment was friendly. Though I am old now, I was still able to learn by the class door during their classes. The employees and the owner of the school are good people and I enjoyed working with them. Even, when I started getting sick they did not sack me, they still allowed me resume to work. Now, I am very sick and days seem to be getting darker. I am happy that I have been able to give my children the education that I could not afford. Truly Education is necessary to give someone freedom in life. They Call me Baba Felix.

(Complied By Olamide Michael)

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