Professor of Medicine Williams dies at 76

femi williams

An eminent Professor of Medicine, Femi Willians, is dead. Williams, 76, died yesterday in circumstances yet to be ascertained.

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His demise was confirmed last night, it was too distraught to speak on how he died.

Williams, in February, did an analysis of what might be ailing President Muhammadu Buhari, using his photographs.

That was the first time the President took a medical vacation to attend to his health in the United Kingdom (UK) and Nigerians were asking questions about his ailment, which caused the President to stay in London for more than 50 days.

Buhari has since May 7 returned to the UK for another round of treatment.

Williams graduated from Trinity College, University of Dublin in 1961.

He obtained arts and medical degrees with postgraduate medical education and fellowships in Internal Medicine and Pathology at Queens University and Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Ireland.

He also got Board Certification in Internal Medicine and Pathology, UK and Ireland.

He held faculty positions at Dublin University in Pathology and later at University of Ibadan.

The late Williams was Professor and Chair of Pathology, University of Ibadan and University College Hospital Ibadan.

He was the Foundation Dean and Chief Medical Director, College of Medicine, University of Calabar.

He was a visiting Professor at Universities of Minnesota, Howard, Vanderbilt, New Jersey, Hopkins Cleveland Clinic as well as Executive Secretary, Science Technical Research Commission (STRC), African Union, Addis Ababa.

The pathologist was also Chairman, Committee on Solar Energy for Africa and Chairman of Board, Africa Union Centre for Soil Science, Harare, Zimbabwe.

He was Scholar-in-Residence, National Cancer Institute, Fogarty International Centre, Bethesda, Maryland.

The late professor was the founder and Director, African Cancer Centre, Lagos and fellow African Academy of Science.

He was author of over 100 peer review publications in medical journals and seven monographs/books.

The late Williams’ statement on the President’s state of health, “Clinical diagnosis of President Buhari’s requests for medical vacation”, said Nigerians have a “constitutional right to know the health of our President”.

“It is a moral prerogative to be concerned about our President’s health. The physical and mental well-beings of most presidents in the world are usually not shrouded in secrecy because details of the health of current and past presidents in the developed world are published in the public domain.

“Speculations about the health of some of our leaders should not be subject to benign or malignant analyses by medically qualified and non- medically qualified pundits,” he said.

The statement added:

My negative findings, based on this single photograph are as follows:

  • The president is not dehydrated;
  • The president is not clinically anaemic;
  • The President is not clinically jaundiced;
  • For his age, there are no wrinkles on his forehead indicative of good preservation and nutrition; and
  • The national costume does not permit a superficial assessment of whether he has lost weight or not.

My positive findings based on this single snapshot are as follows:

  • The photograph shows some degree of clubbing of the fingers;
  • The photo shows a small nodule on the lateral aspect of two fingers and one of these bumps has a hyper pigmented rim suggestive of an infective etiology (cause) in the recent past;
  • There is mild reduplication of skin over the knuckles (not enough for elastosis); and
  • There are multiple transverse opacities on the nails, particularly of the left hand suggestive of an infection, viral or other infections.”

(Edited By Olamide Michael)


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