Why I feature tourism issues on TALOGAJU — Tunji Ajibade

THE presenter of Talogaju, Mr Tunji Ajibade, a Yoruba quiz programme on Galazy Television, Ibadan   revealed  he had to introduce travel and tourism issues on his programme when he realised that tourism is not only an entertainment matter, but a  a socio- cultural sector which needs showcasing .

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Mr Ajibade who made this revelation during an interaction in Ibadan  said “I realised that there is this most important area of the society which is not being properly highlighted and showcased. The areas is tourism, travel , hospitality and cultural heritage.”

The Obafemi Awolowo University alumnus said  “   Yoruba  has a lot of tourism sites which are predicated and rooted in our cultural heritage , history , value system , tradition , belief and social interactions . Most of these  sites tell stories of how we are where we are or who have done what and whose acts are impacting or affecting us .”

Mr Ajibade pointed out  “I don’t see tourism issues purely from the entertainment angle, but of historical value and a potent sector of trans generating  information.  You know Talogaju is a programme, to entertain, educate and inform, I believe, I will be doing the fans of this programme a disservice if I cast  tourism aside.”

The multi-award of Excellence receipent on programme presentation  revealed  “Since I commenced picking on tourism issues on Talogaju, I have realised that many of us are ignorant of many things and uninformed about some daily issues.”

Mr Ajibade said “Could you believe that many people do not know why Mapo Hall was named Mapo Hall and they daily pass through the hall and even do business around it ? But on Talogaju , we have been able to teach some of our people the essence of tourism and impact of on them and the environment “

He revealed “ The introduction of tourism issues has stoke the passion of curiosity in many who now make a date with the programme so they can gain and enrich their cultural- tourism knowledge.”

Mr Ajibade disclosed “I am happy that Talogaju, a programme I designed  to widen the horizon of the viewers has not only grown in its mission, but also embrace tourism, travel, cultural heritage and socials  which has set Galazy Television, Oke Are apart from the crowd”.

(Edited By Olamide Michael)


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