Oyo government, remove this obstruction


I want to express my feelings on the illegal taxi park now causing obstruction at the Sango/Polytechnic junction in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Anybody passing from Mokola to the University of Ibadan will notice the entrance of the popular motor park at Sango where vehicles plying The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Beere, Oje, Gate and Iwo Road pick and drop passengers and their wares.

Over the years, the motor park in question had provided opportunities to vehicles plying the above routes to pick and drop passengers without any hindrance to traffic.

But surprisingly, a taxi park has recently sprung up at the entrance of the Sango motor park, causing obstruction to commuters and motorists along the major road (Sango/University of Ibadan), despite the presence of traffic wardens at The Polytechnic road junction.

To avoid accidents and unnecessary congestion, the authorities concerned, especially the law-enforcement agencies, are hereby urged to call the illegal operators of the taxi park to order.

Prince Adeolu Adeyefa, Ibadan.

(Edited By Olamide Michael)


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