Photo Blast: When Ibadan Entertainers Celebrated Don Tee and MC Solid in the Rain.


Liberty Stadium Ibadan got June visitors of celebrities, comedians and entertainers on Wednesday with a fabulous football match between comedians and entertainers of Ibadan in the rain all for the celebration of two great entertainment icons in the city of Ibadan.

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The match was all fun, funny and very interesting. Though the match started a little bit behind schedule, the players all had extreme fun as they played in the heavy rain, sliding and splashing mud on each other. The match ended with a goal line of 2-1 in favour of the comedians and to the glory of MC and comedian, Mister rain, who scored the winning goal. Trust the likes of lafup, Peteru, and MC Solid to show their skills, though they were only seen running about the pitch. Woli Agba, Paul Alasiri, Uncle Sam, etc were also seen to have prepared for the game.

It was so much fun after the match, as the comedians, presented a birthday cake to the two celebrants and also, a gift of an expensive watch was also presented to both Don Tee and MC Solid each, by the comedians. There was the usual birthday ritual of wetting and spraying of water and drinks on the celebrants, championed by Peteru. Of course, there was refreshments after the whole match. Trust there to be booze anywhere guys are gathered. Lafup etc, delivered Vodka to interested booze consumers. Roymedia and MC rain made munchies available to everyone. It was all fun, especially when Woli Agba delivered the ‘prayers for the celebrants’, without Dele omo woli to give him any trouble.

See the images below:

IMG_7355 _MG_7340 _MG_7343


Love shared both in the rain and in the sun is the definition of true love.

IMG_7311 _MG_7319


The sound of victory! Ibadan Comedians made it through in the match. Talent is beyond the stage and mic, comedians must not be joked with even on the field. Players were Peteru, Remote, Woligaba, ATM, Misterrain, lafup, demo-pumpin, Troy, Mcsolid, UncleSam, Demosha, Fabulous Pizzy, BNYC, Dr.Smile, Blaze, 13th Disciple, AJ cockie, Macro Bakes, Ore, Johnson,  Apple, Shete, Wolesawe, Keanzo, Thinkit, Paul Alasiri, Tosin, Yinka, Pastor Chinko, Baba oro, Kjsheggs and many more…

_MG_7327 IMG_7373 _MG_7341


Don.Tee, Edmund Obilo, Bikerman, Dr.Shadow, Lafup, Afouda, Remote, and friends analyzing the football match.

IMG_7391 IMG_7374 IMG_7352 IMG_7351_MG_7321


Biker men. The speed racers.



Item 5. Food time! Fun time!!

IMG_7363 IMG_7368 IMG_7359IMG_7387


Fun Galore. Fun unlimited. Fun is what we do…

IMG_7382 IMG_7385 IMG_7403 IMG_7383 IMG_7379  IMG_7358 IMG_7354IMG_7389

(Complied By Olamide Michael)



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