Humans of Ibadan: I walked round Oke-Ado with tears of sorrow. But today I walk round Oke-Ado in memories and happiness


Life is not a bed of roses they say, and I can boldly say I have had my fair share of life. After various issues from my marriage to the man I love, I decided to let peace reign and relocate with my 2 year old son from Offa to Ibadan though I knew no one in the city.

 I contacted my friend’s sister when I got down at the park in Ibadan to stay at her place, but she wouldn’t let me after setting eyes on me, because she claimed I was far older than her. I was left dejected that night and with my son on my back we went away from her place to nowhere. I had no place to stay.

I sat down crying profusely at a corner along Oke-Ado contemplating on returning to Offa. Out of nowhere, a woman tapped me and asked me what the matter was.

So I narrated my ordeal to her and she offered to help me. We went to her house where I passed the night. She advised me to stay back in Ibadan and offered me a N400 per month room in her house, since she was the landlady.

I was so happy so I immediately dropped N300, which was the last cash I had on me with a promise to balance later. I borrowed buckets to wash the room, mopped it with the wrapper I used in backing my son and waited till evening so as to get it dry. I laid the other wrapper I had on the ground for us to sleep overnight. After 2 days of job search, I was employed to hawk food in the area, so I had to leave my son at home daily.

I was paid N100 daily with lunch. After few months I left the job as I got a better one as a cleaner in a school, though it was more stressful.
After a few years, I went back to Offa, to pack my belongings. On getting there, I met nothing at my apartment; I had been robbed of all my properties. I came back thinking of where I was going to start from, since I had nothing in Ibadan except the mat that my son and I slept on.

Later I left my job with a savings of N120,000 and started a chin-chin business. I had terrible losses that I had to go back to look for job as a cassava peeler. I peeled from morning till evening and was paid N100 from which I will board N50 bus home after walking to the place in the morning.

I go home crying every day, as I was always left with N50. One fateful day on my way home I saw a sign board of a school that needed a cleaner and I applied. That was where a brighter day started. Life hasn’t been full of glitters but every hard work deserves a medal and very soon I know I will get it. When others refuse to have you, some other people out there are waiting to have you forever. Today, I am staying alive to be with the people who understands value and wants to have it forever, I am happy as all is a past today and my son is enjoying the education that I never had. My name is Mrs Olaoluwa.


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