PhotoBlast: About yesterday ‘’Sometimes in May’’


Sometimes in May was live yesterday at Mauve 21, with different artist and a lovely stage that made everyone’s heart wait for the real deal.

The opening:

The show opened with comedians stomping the audience with series of jokes. OMG! Laughter unlimited.

IMG_6199 IMG_6196 IMG_6206 IMG_6200 IMG_6193

Friends connect

IMG_6205 IMG_6176 IMG_6197

The guest

IMG_6203 IMG_6194 IMG_6235

The play

The play which was a 4 man play was based on single, engage, marriage, advice, fast money and family.  This play centered on young persons who were taking their time to get married because of the ‘To Be Wife’s Family requirement’…

This stage play featured Oluyomi, Demo-pumpin, McRain, Andrea. The play was written by Damola.

IMG_6228 IMG_6226  IMG_6219 IMG_6215 IMG_6211 IMG_6234

If you missed this do not miss any other stage play in Ibadan. Let me hear you say ‘I won’t miss it again!


(Complied By Olamide Michael)

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