Photo Flash: The 2017 Easter Fiesta at Palms Mall

The 2017 Easter FUN was a boredom disconnection on Easter Monday. The event which took place at Palms shopping mall opposite Invivo corner took the floor with shoppers having all round fun. The program started at 1:00pm with flash mob, the flash mob too the floor with a surprise and left memorable  landmark.

There were special appearances like the Cymbals dance crew, the Jesus Rapper and lots more…

The Flash Mob got the mall started with dancers and people who joined them to dance.

The Rain Choir opened the ground with songs to paint the day Easterious (LOL)



The dance was just so unstoppable with serious dancing, whining and shaking of the body. All round body fun.


The special Appearances were just so lovely. The dance, the rap, the freestyles and the songs. All was just rocky funky!

IMG_4721 IMG_4702   IMG_4654 IMG_4645 IMG_4641 IMG_4640 IMG_4630


The lovely faces that made the crowd. The crowd that had the fun and made the day.

IMG_4735 IMG_4738


The depth of worship


The Architect

IMG_4730  IMG_4610

And then the you that missed the fun.

Fun is a definition of you. Fun is in you.

(Compiled by Olamide Michael)


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