TO IMPRESS YOUR LOVER THIS EASTER!!!! Why Not Try these 9things and Laffmattaz

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9. Bring Her Gifts
Even the thought that your partner manages to buy you a gift despite his busy schedule, makes a girl happy. Your gift that makes your girl happy.
8. Surprise Her
Girls are very fond of surprises. So go for it. A girl always want her boyfriend to be unpredictable. These little surprises may make her day, and this way you can reach more closer to her heart.

7. Take Her To Her Favorite Place
Take your girl to her favorite place even if you don’t enjoy it. Go with her, it will mean a lot

6. Appreciate Her
Everyone likes appreciation. Appreciate her clothes, her face, her hair, her accessories, or anything that you can. This is one of the best ways to impress any girl. Girls love to hear that they are beautiful.
5. Respect Her
You have to respect her feelings, her decisions, her life, and in return you will gain respect and love for yourself.

4.  Listen To her
Girls love talking. So you need to have good ears. Try to give some proper advice for her problems and respond properly to her gossips.  Remember, talking and listening to each other makes a relationship stronger.

3. Give Her Time
Most of the girls have the same complain, you do not have time for me. Thus time is the best thing you can give her. Doing this, you may increase her love for you, a thousand times.

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2.  Be romantic
Every girl wants her partner to be romantic. Thus loving her is very important. You should kiss her, hug her, her, all these small things will make her happy and will also keep your relationship healthier.
1. On Easter Sunday…
Take her to the 7th edition of Laffmattazz with Gbenga Adeyinka 1st and friends tagged LOUD IN IBADAN at JOGOR CENTER RING ROAD IBADAN & by 2pm, performances & undiluted fun kicks off in Ibadan!
Please call 08033065266 and 08120570158 for your tickets now… #LaffmattazzIB2017 is proudly supported by #Minimiechinchin and.#Nairabet.

Olamide Michael

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