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Simple tricks for happy nails

So you want your nails to look stunning? You want to make them look healthy and beautiful?

We have selected for you a range of tips that you should follow if you’d like to improve the look of your nails.

So, how do you make your nails healthier?

Trim your nails regularly

This is one of the most important aspects of keeping your nails really healthy. It’s easier to trim your nails after bath, when they are softer and more gentle to clip. Also, you should keep in mind to avoid filing your nails immediately after exposure to water as this may weaken them. To avoid causing an ingrown nail trim them correctly!

Moisturize regularly

When using hand lotion, you soften your hands, fingernails and cuticles. The result: very soft and healthier looking hands.

Bathe your nails regularly in olive oil

Olive oil penetrates the skin and nail, to help repair damage and soften nails and cuticles which leads to nail strength and health. For more dramatic results you can cover your fingernails with a pair of cotton gloves and leave the gloves on overnight.

Avoid some types of removers

This is an important rule if you want to avoid your nails looking yellow. When removing nail polish, try avoiding removers with acetone and formaldehyde. These kind of removers dry your nails out completely leaving them with no hydration and make them weak. Instead, try using acetate-based removes, which are more friendly.

Drink plenty of water

Why not? This is pretty simple: if you keep your body hydrated, then it’s more likely to maintain your skin and nails healthy.

Use biotion

Biotin it is also known as vitamin H and is a vital nutrient necessary for the body’s production of keratin, the protein which is the primary component in hair, skin and nails. Biotin is contained by foods like: fish, eggs, legumes etc. Usually, people who use biotin have firmer, harder nails.

Massage your nails

This will keep the nails strong and will help them grow faster.

Nail appearance can have a major impact on making a good first impression. Just follow these simple steps and your nails will thank you!  Ibadan have a long lasting relationship with your nails, remember you are the one who will leave it on earth it won’t leave you; let it remember you for one one good thing… LOL!


Olamide Michael


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