FashionToday: Fashion Scarves for Every Romantic Girl

  How do you feel about scarves? Most people think it is only for church goers and serious Christians or for holding your hair down on bike. The truth is everything Natural that we are rocking today was gotten from the so called SU’s. So there is no much difference between all of us. We rock what they rock, it might just be better. Lets check different types of scarves friends.

Scarves are amazing and can make any outfit to look ladylike and stylish.

Scarves are a fashion item but they also provide protection against the wind and cold.

They are our favorite accessories because you can wear them on spring, autumn or even on a cold winter day.

Who are the people you can get scarfs for? Your mother on her birthday and anytime, your girlfriend anytime, your female friends anytime. This is one thing they will cherish a lot and make good use of and on your part every time you see it you love it the more. It is cheap and ready to use all the way.

You can use it on your head, hand as wristband, neck, for your bags, you can DIY it by using it to decorate your old top or dress, you can use it to make or repair your sandals or slippers, phone pouch, wallet and so on.

Here is what you need to know about scarves:

1. Know scarf types

Square – classy scarves in silk.

Square Scarf

Oblong – sleek and printed scarves.

Oblong Scarf

Wrap – cashmere scarves that wrap around your neck.

Wrap Scarf

Infinity – knit rounded scarves.


Infinity Scarf

Sarong – can be worn as a skirt or cover up.

Sarong Scarf

2. They can make your outfits more interesting.

You can choose printed and colorful scarves for making your outfit more interesting.

They will add a touch of personality to your style.

Also scarves are great accessories to provide quick coverage when the temperatures drop.


3. Know how to fold scarves

You can use square scarves to create an rectangle shape or a triangular shape.

The oblong scarf can be folded and wrapped around the neck.


4. Use them as hair accessories

Using scarves on the head and hair is a big trend right now.

They will protect your hair and also give you a stylish look.

They remind us of the 1920’s style when women wrapped a thin scarf around their forehead like a headband.


5. Wrap them around the body

You can show creativity by wrapping scarves around your body.

Long scarves can be worn like skirts or you can let them hang freely around the neck for a casual look.


Scarves are great for keeping warm in the cold days and are also a stylish accessory that will make your outfit elegant and fabulous! 

How do you feel about scarves?

Ibadan drop and share pictures of you rocking your scarf. Right Here. shey you know their is a reward for every obedience.


Olamide Michael



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