Eat Your Heart Out This Valentine at Soups n Sauces Bodija


Ibadan, soups_n_sauces is where you should be today with your loved ones!  Eat your hearts out today Soups_n_sauces restaurant.

Don’t miss the menu for the day which are
1. Grilled Tilapia fish, Fresh Fish, Croaker Fish with roasted plantain sauce and a free glass of wine just for couples just at 3,500 naira 👍
2.Fried Tanzanian Jollof Rice with Chicken/beef/fish and coleslaw plus free drinks for couples just at 2,000 naira. 🙌
3 . Chinese Basmati Chilli Chicken/beef sauce and coleslaw with free drinks for couples just at
2,500 naira. 💘
We are located at No. 7 Aare Avenue New Bodija, Ibadan. Oyo State
call us on  234 806 7424 753, 234 808 6464 608, +234 807 4211 309 for reservations and bookings.
Come and express love to your loved ones in the coolest place in Ibadan.

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