And Toke Makinwa signed her Book ‘On becoming’ in Ibadan


By Olamide Michael

Friday brought a different wind to Ibadan youths and adults. The truth has lived and now it is out not just for many to read and comment but for great minds to read and gain the right full dealing for a better life.

All thanks to Ronke Giwa and The Booksellers Ibadan Nigerian for hosting media personality Toke Makinwa to come to Ibadan and make many youths know that we all are dreamers both good and bad but many throw their dreams away because some keep shifting blames, some are shamed because of one painful event or the other, some are scared to face their fears. She advised that youths should learn to face there fears, cry if you have to, take a break if you need to, find help if you want to just never let that dream die, she said.

Toke of a truth has gone through many stages many people have not gone through but she has been able to outlive the unforeseen into a foreseen future.

Toke Makinwa who came to Ibadan to talk to many youths and adults about how her book came about, also shared that she has a dream and she is dreaming her dream and making a future out of that dream. Toke who her parent died in their early 30s, when she was just 8 years old also talked about her marriage that crashed in months and the exceptional things she did all in the name of loving her ex-husband.

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She also talked about the troubles and discouragement she went through while writing. ”Sometimes I cry remembering how everything happened, how my parent died and how I could not forgive them for dying and also could not bring them back; how they always told me they will die together and they did died together, how I hawked and learnt how to do fish-roll from people who do not believe in me, how I did different jobs trying to get to the top. They were crazy days but I now have let it out and I AM FREE.” Toke said.

There was a large turn out and the anchor of the event was Ronke Giwa from splash 105.5 Fm, she asked her various questions and also gave people audience to share life experiences and ask questions as well.

Professor Femi Osofisan was around, he gave a brief speech and encouraged youth out there to learn to read Nigerian books, he also advised celebrities, personal, politicians, business personnel’s and everyone with an inspiring story to always learn to share their stories for people to get inspired from such events that as happened in the past. He bought the book after his speech.

The owner of Booksellers Ibadan was also around at the event, he also advise youths to read and buy books, he encouraged Toke to keep it up and not stop inspiring the youths of today. He also honored her by buying the book and Toke signed on it.

Her friend was present to talk about how small she was with a giant heart and dreams, she said the first day Toke met her mummy she talked with her mummy as if they knew a long time ago and her mummy was forced to ask that “Who is that small giant girl ?” .

After the event people bougth the book and Toke Makinwa signed and took pictures with everyone.

She was all smiling and laughing, very jovial and playful; she played with the kids around and took pictures with them too.

She finally promised to come back to Ibadan very soon.


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