Ibadan Color-Blocked Nail Art Tutorial: One Technique, Endless Possibilities


The fashion and beauty industries continue to spotlight bright colors, as evidenced by the long-running color blocking trend. Adding color in panels makes even the most vibrant hues more wearable.

In this tutorial, I show you how to do some fun color blocking on your nails. This look is fun to create but be aware you’ll need a little patience to allow for ample drying time. Once you master this technique, you can create an endless number of looks.

Customize the design with any colors you like most especially beware of your skin color and with the shape of your color sections. I’ve chosen to block triangles to demonstrate the steps, but I also include how to create pretty diagonal tips and blocks in right angles, as well as offer tips for developing your own color scheme.

For the step-by-step color blocked nail art tutorial.

Get your blocked Nail Arts.



Carefully apply your perfection nail design on the White Polish before it dries.
Know the shades of color you want to use before you apply them; So you don’t mess the Beauty Up.
Apply nail polish on the first side of the box carefully, then on the remaining sides.
After applying, carefully remove the nail perfection, then you can remove the nail perfection slowly.
Use the nail brush to clean the sides of your nails to remove the nail polish that slipped.
Finally, use the hardner on it after you allow it to dry a little. Then dip it in water for few seconds and stay cool till it dries.
In Summary…
My lovely Ibadan people this is real and affordable, you can polish your nails yourself this Christmas.
Remember looking good everyday is a Lifestyle.
(Edited by Olamide Michael)

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