My Experience With An Ibadan Micra Driver


Hello, Whatsupibadan, so I will like to share my recent experience with a Micra Driver in Ibadan.

So I stepped out of the house as early as 6:45am on Wednesday. I needed to set out that early so I could meet the check-in time at work. Because of the holidays on Monday and Tuesday, I had a lot of work waiting for me. I could imagine already how hectic the day would be for me. As expected, I had files waiting on my table, and had to attend two meetings already, one for my department, and the other for the head and deputy of departments and other management staff. By the time I was done at 5pm, I noticed my food pack was sitting right there under my table, untouched. Aside the two slices of bread I had in the morning, I hadn’t tasted anything. The irony of it all is that as a plum person that I am, no one could easily detect on my face, when I am starving or not. I was more than eager to return home, and soak myself for a warm bath, howbeit, I know I would get home about 45mins after then.

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Ibadan is fair to all. No serious traffic that will make you regret taking up your job. So I got into this cab, and discovered as I was soon to get down that I had a 1000 naira note on me. I would need to take another cab, before finally taking a bike home. Knowing fully well how saucy Micra drivers can be, I quietly asked the people sitting behind me if they had change, but no they didn’t. They both told me they already discussed with the driver that they had 500. This driver must have overheard us, cos he immediately asked everyone to start paying.
Knowing how bad-mouthed these drivers can be, embarrassing you and stuff, I thought twice about handing him the 1000 note. I was searching through my bag again hoping to find a N100 that will be my saving grace. But I didn’t. Then the driver asked me for my change again, and I stretched the money. I bit my lower lip and waited for the tongue lash. But he simply whispered in the most unusual tone I have seen any driver so far.
‘Aunty, se e ni change ni?’ (Aunty, don’t you have any change?). I quickly replied with ‘rara sa, e ma binu sa (No sir, don’t be offended sir).

Then he didn’t say a word. When it was time to get down at the bus stop, everyone did, and left. I got down and waited for my change. That was when I was able to assess his features. He looked like he was in his 50’s. A few grey hair, and a neat clothing, although old. He asked if I was still going further, to which I answered in the affirmative. He then asked me to enter so he can drop me. I refused, and thanked him. But he insisted. So I got in and on our way, I started to regret my decision. The news of everyone who has been kidnapped, that has appeared in the news of recent started to dangle across my mind. I mumbled a prayer. Then this man started to engage me in conversations. I was just ending each word with ‘Jesus’. He then asked if I was a Christian, to which I replied with a yes. To cut my story short, when I was a few blocks from my house at Aare, I told him to stop. I still couldn’t trust him, even after he had engaged me in a conversation about the Nigerian economy, and how he is saddened about how much Nigerians are taking to crime. I asked how much he wanted to be paid, and his response really shocked me. In his words ‘nigbati mo kuro ni le laaro, mo ba Oluwa soro pe ko mu mi pade eni ti e mi yio se laanu. Be e se wonu oko mi, okan mi so fun mi pe eyin ni(when I left home this morning, I asked God to bring across my path, someone to whom I can be a blessing to. As soon as you got into my cab, I knew instantly that it was you). I was more than amazed.

Tears gathered in my eyes. I thanked him and dipped my hand into my bag, and brought out some thousand naira notes. Fifteen of them. which included my tithe. I knew God was teaching me through this man. He tried to reject it, but on my insistence, he accepted, got out of his car, and prostrated. I walked the rest few metres home nudging the tears from the corner of my eyes. Even the person who didn’t have enough was praying to be a blessing. How much more me. I wanted to get his number, but by the time I remembered and turned around, he was gone. He changed my view of Micra drivers. He might be one in millions, but he taught me a lesson I hadn’t even been able to grasp from the pulpit even after years as a Christian.

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