The House Party (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Saturday 6th August)


Dear diary, last night was the craziest I have seen my housemates. There was a cake, baked with some high stuff and their was so much misbehaviour from almost everyone. I left for my room dragging Fiwa along at few minutes past 12 midnight. By then kisses was flying everywhere. Joel’s girlfriend was particularly embarrassing.

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I am almost certain they will be breaking up after last night. She took stuff in pretty high quantities that left her misbehaving, alongside some female corper friends of hers. All these ladies that will just keep embarrassing the rest of us. 

I danced a lot, yeah with Tunde and a few other guys. Tunde was kind of ‘all over me’ and we talked about everything. I laughed a lot, and admired him more… even when our lips brushed against each other, he simply just apologised and left me a while. I was very lucky to have left early before my own misbehaviour started. I had a little too much to drink and I woke up feeling very weak. Fiwa was in bed until the sun came up. I was going to wake her when I realized she wasn’t sleeping but had drenched her pillow with tears.
After much persuasion, she told me of how last night reminded of her past. She went on guilt-tripping herself and refused to be consoled. She was particularly grateful I made her leave the party before she went out of her head completely. She packed her bags and left for Mokola about an hour after brunch. She blamed it on too many distractions in my house.

My feelings for Tunde seem to have been awoken though. I can’t explain why I have this great urge to speak to him. I am trying to set my emotions on track, but it just isn’t cooperating. Tunde is a description of a perfect guy…gentleman, fine-faced and figure, and of course, he’s got the right words. I think I’m getting in- over- my head. It’s 2:50pm, and I have not seen him all day. What is all this emotional wahala now?

9:30PM Tunde was at my door a few minutes past 4pm. I let him into the room, and while I had thought he came to apologise again for last night, his words left me in confusion. Tunde said he has been in love with me for a while, but had kept it to himself for fear that I might not want him. I searched into his eyes and watched him pour out his mind… His were the most genuine words I’ve heard from anyone. When I mentioned my boyfriend, Tunde said he was willing to wait until I broke up with him. He had tears in his eyes, as he held both my hands in his.

We sat in and talked about him and his family. I was the first lady he will be in love with, according to him. We drove to the mall to get dinner, and we ate together in his room. Tunde invited me to attend church with him tomorrow, and I am doing that. I spoke with Folafunmi a few minutes before I left Tunde. He had me speak with his cousin who asked when I will be visiting Lagos, I told him in few weeks. I lied. I’m not pretty sure how the next few weeks will be with me, and the guys in my life.

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