My Naughty Housemates (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Wednesday 3rd August)



Fiwa and Dumebi went out to grab lunch today. She has been so giddy since she got back. But she hasn’t told me anything. My guesses are always almost right, so I will just assume the obvious; that the both of them are now an item. Dumebi had earlier tried to engage me in a conversation this morning in the kitchen, but I had my walls up and thick.

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I was doing the dishes, and he was fixing pasta, his best. He told of how much he had missed me, and why I can’t just be a good friend and trust him. A line from his words struck me though when he came up with the ‘or do you think I’ m not good enough for your friend because you think the only reason I didn’t test positive was ‘cos of the window period thingy?’  He got my attention, as I looked in his direction, stupefied. Unfortunately, words failed me as I watched him strode out of the kitchen.

I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him since then. Folafunmi had invited me to his office to meet a client who is planning a 50th birthday, so I was out all day. Fiwa only just told me about her date with Dumebi just when I got back. There was so much fun going on in the house as everyone was on the balcony when I got in. The rest were all travelled. They were planning another house party for this weekend. A lot of drink, and you know…
Fiwa was in the middle of it all, as she clung to Dumebi, the sight which got on my nerves. Tunde just sat with a smile pasted on his face. He wasn’t contributing much. Joel, another corper  housemate, had his girlfriend, also a corper sitting on his leg. They were both drinking from a canned origin. I think I should just party this weekend, maybe in the company of Tunde. I want to get to know him more, and maybe spite Dumebi. Come to think that I have been lying low on partying these days…interesting! This weekend’s gonna be lit though. That I am sure.

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