Tomiwa is coming to Town! (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Thursday, 28th July)


We stayed awake until 2:15AM this morning.. GOT (Game of Thrones) really got us. Tomiwa called me today, out of the blue moon. We spoke for a while. I honestly have no idea how to completely detach from my many exes who just occasionally burst into my interestingly- going life and just dig up the past. Tomiwa is coming into town and wants to see me. I declined. Must they all play up this game? Fiwa kept nudging me to say yes. She practically snatched the phone out of my hand to answer in the affirmative on my behalf. I know what Fiwa is trying to do. She wanted some free food and maybe cinema moments at my expense.

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It will shock her though. Tomiwa was the kind of boyfriend who will buy you a bottle of Coke on a date, and that is all you will sip until it is time to go. Even if you were in Chicken republic, he will still order for just Malt or Coke. I just hope he’s changed.

Fola made plans with me for the weekend. I hope Tomiwa do not mess up my ‘us time’ with my boo. Fiwa went to the radio station today and returned a little late. I was home alone reading a book until evening when Tunde, a housemate invited me to play scrabble in his room. Tunde is a corps member, and drives a very nice car. He has the most beautiful room in the whole house filled with sophisticated gadgets of all sorts. I heard he’s son to a very rich business mogul in Lagos and even has a street named after his family. Tunde is a big time ‘church guy’ and very intelligent dude. I enjoyed every minute spent with him today. I picked a few things from the many things we discussed though, one of which is his statement about “why people go into relationships when they are not ready to get married and with someone they don’t even think they can marry”. Got me thinking really.

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