As individuals, we’ve all been in love with someone that didn’t love us back, and we have certainly been loved by someone that we didn’t love back. ‘Now, I don’t know which is worse: to be broken or to break another soul’, but today, let’s talk about getting over that special somebody- a boyfriend or girlfriend (an ex in this case) that we love but who don’t love us back and isn’t showing signs of loving us in the real sense of the word even in years to come.

Some exes are like trees that keep sprouting even after cropping their branches or stems. Until you pull them out from the root, there is no end to how many times they will break your heart, leave it for a while, then come back to break it again. This is one reason a number of ladies and guys out there have suffered numerous heartbreak from just one single person who has mastered the art of dribbling their fragile heart.

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Are you tired of this repeated cycle? Here is how to get over an ex who keeps coming back:

Take a Stand: Make up your mind. Stamp your foot. Make a decision and stick by it. You will be proud of yourself eventually for this. Determine to stop working with the devil to mess up your emotions over and again. A made up mind is not easily broken, always remember that.

Block them abeg! Yes he makes you feel the way no one else does; yes, she is the first girl to touch that part of your heart, but c’mon, this person is on a mission to mess up your heart, shape your view wrongly about love and life, and you still give him/her the free hand? Blocking him, or restricting her access on all social sites is not been childish. If it helps, why not? Stop entertaining the kite (Asa), he has only come to steal from your mother hen.

Stop talking about them. Stop relating him/her to every situation. Stop bringing them up in your conversations. Stop with the “my ex- boyfriend is like that too”, “my ex- girlfriend don’t eat that too”. Oh puh-leeze, just stop with using them as an example every time. Out of the billions of people on planet earth, no other person fits as an example?! Just stop it already. Use other real life situations.

Don’t compare him to other guys, and vice- versa: You only create an avenue to return to him/her each time you do this. (S)He might be cuter, richer or even smarter, but honey, they are ‘demons’ on an assignment for your heart and the sanity of your mind. Stop with the comparison already and move on.

Stop giving ’em your attention: You know how this works? He says an ‘ hi’ out of the blue moon, you reply, he goes further to check on you, what you are up to, and pretends to care. You go on to ask about his too. He tells you he remembers all you both been through, and misses you. You listen. He works his ways to your emotions, and there you are, flat on your face. Stop giving him your attention girl! And same goes for the guys too. Stop letting her play you up every time. Some Exes will go on to be your everlasting friends, but some are to be in the ‘unknown’ forever. Learn to distinguish and play smart with your heart.

Above all, Love yourself. Love your life. Hope for the best. Believe in your abilities. Work, be the best version of yourself. Make him/her get very pained watching the highlights of toying with your heart. The greatest revenge you can give to some people is to succeed. And this time, on all fronts. They will be more careful with their next catch.

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