My day with Fiwa (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Tuesday 26th July)


Fiwa has been a great company all day. She came in with some pepper, and beef. Said she branched Dugbe on her way. We played games on the balcony. Scrabble is my strength, and I successfully won three different games. Tunde, a corper housemate, and Dumebi were also part of the game.

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Fiwa and myself went to get our nails done on the street late afternoon. We cooked when we got back,  made some Amala and ewedu. My friends and the way they always make their visit memorable. She is at the balcony with Dumebi at the moment. I will be joining them soon. Tolu specially warned me to make sure I protect her from Dumebi’s preying fangs. I think Dumebi is a good guy tho. I saw his ‘real-est’  self the other day when we went to get his test done. He is just one of those guys who has had their priorities misplaced. In the end, we are all going to be fine. That is a surety.

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