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Finni Beatz

Afinni John is a music artiste whose new single ‘ginja‘ has taken over the airwaves. The song was even made popular with the massively commended video that was shot in Ibadan which featured some known faces in the Ibadan entertainment Industry. The music producer, artiste and model, who had worked in various music studios in the city and beyond and has also participated in various competitions including the Mr. Ideal modeling competition is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University where he studied Mass Communication. He recently had a chat with at our office. These are the excerpts:

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Tell us little about yourself.

Afinni John is my name. Popularly known as finniginja. A humble easy going go getter. I hail from Delta state; was born and bred in Lagos, and right now, I am resident in the city of Ibadan where I double as an artiste and a music producer. Simply said, right now, Music is my life.

When did you begin your journey into music?
I started singing back then in in the choir as a young boy. But I got professionally into music about 2,3 years back. I’ve had the passion though. So when the opportunity came to flesh out my passion, I delved into it headlong.

Ok, so tell us, what was growing up like?
Growing up was tedious, rough, and a struggle. I started from nothing. I have been into various things all in the name of trying to be a man. But so far, I thank God for how far he has brought me. I am where some people envy right now. The same way I aspire to attain positions of some people I envy a lot.

We realize that there is that special touch to your music, Tell us about some of your songs

Oh, I try my best daily to make my music unique and better that the last one. On my list I have ‘Do me‘, ‘ginja‘, and ‘endless love‘. Endless love was inspired by a lady I once dated. For ginja, I was just in the studio playing with beats, and the song was birthed. I have various once that are yet to be released too. Watch out for ‘Money’ It will blow your mind. That’s a song that can simply be called International standard.

That’s good. We sure will look out for that. So tell us about your love life.
(Laughs) I’m talking about career, you are talking about love life. Are they the same ni? (Laughs again)For now, my career is my priority o.

Hmmm. We hear o. Where do you derive your inspiration?

First from God, then from everyday life. I enjoy listening to people. I like picking out inspiration from everyday occurrences. That has formed the core of my kind of music. My mum is also an inspiration in her own way. I really appreciate that woman. Daily her thoughts and words keep me going in this industry

Who are your role models in the music industry?
I would say Dbanj and Don Jazzy. I like their presence in songs. They bring that standard that no other artiste could bring into music. Those are talents mhen!

You are such a handsome young man, that would ordinarily have more female fans than necessary, how do you handle your female fans?
(Laughs out loud!) Oh really! I never knew (Still laughing..) You see, ladies have affinity for artistes generally, we also know that Ladies are key points in our music career. Truly speaking, ladies can make you or mar you. I am very disciplined with the feminine gender. I respect them a lot and also maintain my limits when I am around them.

That’s good to know. So What is your take on the entertainment scene in Ibadan?

Oh well, it is emerging, and a growing market. Entertainment in Ibadan has really changed in recent years. It is not where it used to be 5- 8 years ago. A lot of major players have emerged who are all soled out to reviving the city and making it the entertainment hub of the country has it used to be in times past. Media companies like yours should also be given kudos for the efforts you make daily to change the presumed narratives about the city. Sincerely, I see positivity and giant leaps in the years to come.

That’s good to know. So Finni, If not music, what would you be doing?
Well….I think I’d be a doctor. You see, my grandma was my closest pal, and she wanted me to be a doctor. Or maybe a psychologist. Growing up, she was always drumming it in my ears so much that if I was woken up in the middle of the night and asked, “John what would you like to be in future?” I’ll simple answer without opening my eyes “Doctor of course!” (Laughs)

Hmmm! So what are the challenges so far?

Oh well, Finances of course! The major hindrance to talent and entrepreneurial leap in this part of the world is finances. I’ve been there too my sister. Getting financial support to pursue my music career was quite discouraging, and then the challenge of people adjusting to a new act is also there.

So what are your aspirations?
Simply to be on top of my game. To be the best. And every time, I strive to be just that.

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