Most dramatic day! (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Wednesday 20th July)



Oh, its been a dramatic day. Mayowa and Fiwa has refused to return to their house o. Mayowa left early this morning to pack more clothes for herself and Fiwa. Tolu is coming over today. She has been making a lot of money recently with her make up/makeover business. I hope she gets to take us out soon sha
Dumebi stooled all night. He looked strained when I saw him this morning. I had gone to remind him about the test and the sight of him scared me. He looked pretty much emanciated. His eyes were sullen. He must have been crying. He looked like he aged overnight.

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The aura around him was gone. I almost concluded he was right about being positive with the virus. But even if he is, I am learned enough to know that HIV no dey show for face, and not even that fast. I think the fear has been eating him up much more than the knowledge of being pronounced positive with the HIV virus.


Because Dumebi didn’t want it done close by for fear he might know somebody that knows somebody, we left for Ibadan Central hospital at Old ife road, I have tried and really trust their services, after all Fiwa was admitted there the other day.

The moments between when the nurse took some of Dumebi’s blood, to being handed the result was dramatic. Dumebi kept telling me of how a rash has appeared on his back. He blamed himself for being too carefree, he blamed his parents for being too busy and unavailable through his growing years, he blamed me for ignoring him rather than correct him on his escapades with ladies. He blamed everyone and every circumstance. I knew he would pull through it no matter what. It would surprise him to know that Tolu, the most loved lady in our squad tested positive to HIV 5years ago. And it didn’t change anything. She has been pretty fine, and loves life much more than the rest of us. She is the cutest in our squad and the only one who has been in a stable relationship so far. All we need to do if Dumebi is positive is get some anti- retrovirals, and he will be just fine.

I was holding on to Dumebi’s hand when the nurse showed up with the result. He squeezed my hand so much it hurts. I took the result from the nurse after she asked who would like to have it. She asked if we need help interpreting it. I told her we will be fine.
Oh my my! Dumebi’s test came out negative. Turns out all his supposed symptoms were merely psychological. He is due to take the test again in 2,3 months. I saw tears roll down his eyes. I saw him promise to be more careful. We stopped over to have some amala close to the hospital. Dumebi couldn’t even eat. His excitement was just extra.
By the time we got home, the girls have been waiting on me impatiently. Tolu was in too. I changed my bag, and ran to meet them downstairs. I cannot come and carry last. Tolu is spending. We ended up at Chicken republic on Ring Road. A lot of pictures. It has been a while since we had so much fun in so much free spirit. And yeah, Folafunmi and I are doing pretty well. His call will be putting me to bed tonight.

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