This Relationship sucks! (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Saturday 16th July)

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I got my hair done today. And it’s pretty lovely. I have gotten quite a number of compliments all day. I caught Fola staring admiringly at me severally. We went over to his place from the salon. He suggested I helped him cook since he had ingredients in the fridge. I turned him down. Telling him it was too early to start cooking in his house. Before we know it, he might start asking me to do his laundry. If Fola comes by my house, I ll cook for him. But once beaten, twice shy, Ifedayo has taught me great deal of lessons, to never slave myself for a man I’m not married to, in a bid to please him.


Most of the time, he will trample on you cos of his low opinion about you. The memoirs of my relationship with Ifedayo are engraved on my heart. He not only broke my heart, he took the pieces with him. I m going to send Ifedayo a thank you note someday, he taught me a lot about relationships.
I watched Folafunmi do the cooking, and yeah right, I did eat out of it. I think he’s a great cook too. I can add that to his CV.

So, Fola insisted I passed the night. And I said no yet again. We had another quarrel. He couldn’t understand why I won’t stay the night. But I do; if only for the 90- day rule. What if my vulnerability gives way to more than I bargain? What if Folafunmi suddenly change like Ifedayo did after I gave him the cookie? Better late than sorry. I insisted he dropped me at home. He told me to go get a cab. I actually thought he was joking, but dear diary, I had to take a bike from Felele to Mobil. The rain sha. I got stuck and had to wait for the rain to subside. I m still very angry with Fola. Not only did my new hair had to suffer from light showers, he stalled my stay at his place until late. I didn’t get to see the girls today. I have ignored his calls thrice already. And I’ll keep doing that until I get over this hurt.

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