Fiwa has gotten rid of the pregnancy! (Diary of an Oluyole Babe, Tuesday 5th)


Fiwa is back! Mayowa called at few minutes past 9 o’clock this morning to say Fiwa showed up at the door with a sullen and swollen face. Mayowa sounded hysterical on the phone all through the duration of the call. I could guess she was shocked and scared.

I packed up and headed for Mokola. I called Tolu on my way, she confirmed Mayowa had just called too but she was currently out of town. This will def mess up my plans for the Eid holiday with Ope. He had messaged me earlier at eight to hang out at the mall; he promised lunch when we go to Apollos. But that could wait. I had tears gather in my eyes as I sat in the cab on my way to roundabout from Mobil. I remember how scared I had been days back. I chided myself for thinking something very terrible had happened to Fiwa.

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Fiwa had gotten rid of the pregnancy. I met her with a very straight face, staring blankly into space in her room, of the two bedrooms flat herself and Mayowa shares.

Mayowa said she had been that way since she got in. there was this dark feeling around Fiwa. It was like I could practically inhale sadness in the air being around her. We tried to make her talk. She only kept saying ‘I got rid of them. I killed them!’ She got us really scared. We could guess she was suffering from the trauma abortionists go through, the aftermath is always followed by a guilt- trip and depression, but we couldn’t be sure if that was all there is to it. She didn’t cry. She just held a blank stare.

Mayowa begged me to stay. She was way too scared to be left alone with Fiwa. I was too. But whenever my friends expect so much from me, I develop some kind of unexplainable strength. We sat with Fiwa until 3pm when she decided she wanted to sleep. She woke up few minutes to 7pm. She said she was hungry. We fixed her some noodles. We sat watching her eat. She looked up and asked why we were looking so sad. ”It is my decision, let me suffer for it.” She added.

I lay tossing from side to side in Mayowa’s room after Fiwa had said she wanted to be alone. Mayowa had to take some of her fav cough syrup so she can sleep and get her mind to rest.

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