Something is definitely wrong with me! (Diary of an Oluyole Babe Saturday 2nd)

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Folafunmi called me at 6:20am to say he won’t be making it down to Ibadan today. I was beyond disappointed. I had planned my day around him. It was too late to change plans. I do understand though, he said he took ill last night and isn’t very fit to be on the road. That didn’t stop me from fuming all morning though.

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I called Mayowa to know if she had any info about Fiwa. She didn’t. The music coming in from Dumebi’s room in the morning was pretty disturbing. I was tempted to invite him over, but I didn’t.
The house was pretty noisy all day. Everyone seemed to have stayed back today. There were lots of strange faces, especially females. I had that jealousy ‘thing’ again when I saw a lady come out of Dumebi’s room, holding a pot and walking towards the kitchen. She was claded in his over-sized T- shirt and a bum short. She said hello. I snubbed her. My Jealousy pangs at work yet again. I think I have a crush on Dumebi. Something is def wrong with me!

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