The Birthday Party! (Diary of an Oluyole Babe, Saturday 25th June)


Oh kay, I opened my eyes at 12: 35pm this morning. Last night was bam! Folafunmi’s party was the bestest! He brought in a lot of friends from Lagos. We partied, danced, and had fun. Myself and my girls practically stole the show. Mayowa’s snobbish attitude was at its peak last night though. I think her reality of her new-found boyfriend is still doing her ‘giz- giz‘. She almost ruined the night

for herself, as she didn’t politely turn down a guy’s advances to have her dance with him. This guy turned out to be one of the Ibadan ‘big boiz‘, who didn’t take it lightly. He said some not too nice things to Mayowa and my hyper – active friend just gave him a slap o. She was being accustomed out of the facility by some bouncers before I waded in, and helped her get back in. I am still angry with her though. ‘Why on earth would a lady put up such irritating attitude just because a guy asks her out?! What happened to politely turning him down?’  We were all embarrassed o. But aside that, the night was amazing. Folafunmi did flaunt me, and made me feel like I was walking on gold. I haven’t seen Tolu on top her game like she did last night. That girl is a ‘baller‘ ; just a coded- churchy one. Fiwa took us all by surprise sha, she ‘took’ the dance floor with so much energy and expertise. We re glad she is having fun again. Fola turned 34. His friends won’t stop saying how much they want to attend his wedding soonest. I hope Fola isn’t getting funny ideas in his head already. As much as I love him, I have every reason to be scared. He seem too good to be true. We got back to my place at minutes past 5am earlier today. Fiwa has eaten twice already. Lil time before she is all bloated up. Lol


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