Thinking of my Ex-es (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Friday, 17th June)

diary 11

Dear diary, its Friday. And here I am at Fiwa and Mayowa’s place. Mayokun brought us some chicken and ice cream. Mayowa had told him about Fiwa’s illness. Today, Fiwa looks a little better than in recent days. Tolu was around too, and she told Fiwa she would adopt the baby if she decides to have it. I saw Fiwa smile for the first time since she got the news of her pregnancy. She didn’t say a word, but we are all glad she is handling it better.

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I have started to think of all the guys I ever dated. What if I got pregnant for one of them? Desmond would have denied me outrightly, he had insecurity issues. Ifedayo on the other hand would have slapped the foetus out of me. That guy will end up going to jail someday, I know, cos he will never change. He was an abuser. Tomiwa on the other hand, oh no. I can’t even think of having a baby with him. He would jest me of how fat I looked until I get depressed and lose the baby. I have really been unlucky with relationships. As cute, beautiful and elegant as I look, I always fall for the wrong guys. The good ones, I always keep as friends. I don’t know how to date my friends. I always leave them in the friend zone.Folafunmi on the other hand doesn’t look like he can hurt a fly. Actually, no one ever looks like it, until you get to know them and find out they are just another devil in an human skin.

Fiwa hasn’t said anything about keeping the baby or not. She is 7 weeks gone. That’s almost 2 months already. If I were pregnant, I will keep it. As much of an ‘happening babe’  as I am, I cringe at the idea of murdering a child, taking another life. Having an abortion won’t make me the lady who lost some blood that was forming into a life, it would make me the mother of a dead child. Whatever happens tho, I’ll always love Fiwa. I admire her a lot, tho I never get to tell her this. Her decision won’t change anything. She will always be that strong ‘Sistah- girl’ I call my friend.

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