Diary Of an Oluyole Babe- Introduction of Me (Monday 6th)

diary 1

I laid sprawled on my bed as I opened my eyes. It has been a very long night. I yawned as I rubbed my eyes stretching and turning until my eyes caught the wall clock. It was 6:00am, about the time I wake up everyday. I had slept last night without turning off the light switch, hadn’t expected the Power Holding Company to restore power giving the rainstorm last night. (but why do I always make special attempt to sound tush!) I could have just said ‘I didn’t expect NEPA to bring light since it rained heavily last night’. Na wa for packaging o. Don’t mind me, I am an ‘Oluyole bae’ . A proper ibadan ‘geh’. You can call me a mixed- breed; a mix of the high, middle n low citizen class. I was born in ‘beere’, attended Molete high school, went further to UI and now, I live at Oluyole estate, so you understand what I mean. I’m in my 20’s. I’m a sucker for great relationships. I cry when I see Beyonce and Jayz together on TV.

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I speak 3 different languages- ‘Yooba’, English, and pidgin. My favourite food is ‘amala’ with ‘abula’, (heaven tastes just like this) if you don’t know what that is, you haven’t visited Ibadan. I am not very tall, nor short, not slim, yet, not fat, and not very dark, neither fair. I am a proper mixed breed of everything. My name will remain anonymous until I decide to mention it. I keep a Diary diligently and very faithfully. And my life is a very interesting one…the fun, the thrill, the friends, and the Dudes!

Just the way I do everyday, I laid still in bed for another 30mins before getting out of bed. I had to check out and reply some messages that friends had left me since last night. My ex- boyfriend says I sleep as if I’m dead. Man must sha sleep, after all, nobody can cheat nature. Today, I remember to do my sit ups. On other days, I am too lazy to even lift my head, but today I feel inspired, I needed to do an instagram post today and since I don’t have a waist trainer that all those girls wear on instagram, I will just have to make sure that I do something to burn off the belly fat. By the way, Tomiwa, one of my ex boyfriends used to tease me about my belly. He even compares me to… what wickedness! It was the way he complimented me negatively that made me break up with him. Someday, you ll get to hear his story. I heard he is now dating one celebrity in Abuja. Wonders shall never end sha.

The time is 7:10am, wearing my pj and a crop top, I walk to the kitchen. This my house is a semi- self contain, if you don’t understand, let me explain. My bathroom and toilet is inside my room, but I get to share two kitchens with 9 other occupants in the house. It is always fun though but dramatic as well. We have a lot of rats in the kitchen, really big ones. I got into the kitchen and stood still, I don’t seem to remember what I came to do. I checked inside my locker to see if I came to pick something but I didn’t think so. I closed it and walked back to the room. The way our brain plays games on us is funny. Mine does a lot of it. When I complained to ‘Fiwa’ my friend, she advised I started eating more apples. I am the weird type of person, I don’t like tush fruits like apples, oranges, banana or berries(the one they sell in shoprite), but I love ‘agbalumo’ and ‘ogbomoso mango’. I keep my diary everyday, so you will have to follow me o. I parry, I club, I tour Ibadan, I hang out with my friends, and I have had several relationships that sucked, (starts crying). I am an ibadan bae, and Welcome to my world…

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  1. Ayodeji Temitope Rasheed says:

    Keep up the good work.I know i’m in for a treat on this blog.The title of this periodical wows me.I’m not a resident of Ibadan but i’m planning to settle down there after school.Jah bless the writer!

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