Agriculture Forum Coming This Saturday


In the 2016 budget speech, the government plans to subsidise funding for the agricultural sector. This is expected to encourage participation in the sector and increase job creation. As part of the plans of boosting activities in this sector, the current administration is also looking at how to be self-sufficient in rice production and wheat over time.

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The overall objective is to make agriculture one of the pillars of the Nigerian economy. In order to achieve this, other challenges, aside funding, need to be addressed. These include infrastructure, fiscal and investment policies. (PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited)

Some few weeks back, the President signed the 2016 Appropriation Bill into law, signalling the commencement of the implementation of the 2016 Budget. Agriculture is allocated approximately N76 Billion, with N29.8 Billion for recurrent expenditure and N47 Billion for capital expenditure. With the present view of government to diversify from oil, and agriculture a key focus; how do I as a farmer position myself to take advantage of this?

Our June Edition of the Agribusiness Forum is focussed on providing us information to take advantage of the funding opportunities government is providing for agriculture particularly through the financial institutions. Seasoned banking professionals will be on hand to facilitate the sessions and intimate us of what offers we as farmers can access through their institutions.

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