Business Strategy Master Class in Ibadan: The Birth


IMG_7743 Recently on the 30th of May, 2016 the ‘Business Strategy Master Class’ (BSMClass) 1.0 was birthed which held at the Travel House Budget Hotels, Ring Road, Ibadan.

The training commenced at 10am with introduction of the facilitators and participants. Participants included business strategists, marketing executives, and entrepreneurs spread across divers fields. While speaking on Financial Forecast based on Economic Indicators, Mr. Abiola Ajala, a financial startegist and member of the Chartered Management Institute, USA encouraged business managers and entrepreneurs to keep proper records and consider macro-economic changes in their forecast. Displaying graphs and statistics, he further explained how to forecast revenue and costs.

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The training on Sales Forecast and Marketing Strategy was delivered by Olufemi Babalogbon, a marketing strategist. Using practicals, he taught on how to measure the effect of seasonality on sales trend and change it. He further explained the three generic marketing strategies which includes: Focus, Differentiation and Cost leadership. While he mentioned that Cost leadership coud be effective, he also advised entrepreneurs and business managers to explore product strategy, and design unique offerings.

The strategy of effectiveness on Social Media was delivered by David Idagu, a PR expert. He advised business owners to properly define the objectives for their social media pages, and practically displayed to participants how creative contents can get attraction.

The ‘Business Strategy Master Class’ (BSMClass) 1.0, with over 25 persons in attendance got positive responses and feedbacks from attendees, one of which is Akiode Folusho, a marketing executive with Pixels who expressed her satisfaction and told of how the seminar had loaded her with insights on how to to drive sales, and shield business from the effect of seasonality.

BSMClass was organised by Brand Soulhouette Limited, and the 2.0 edition, is a must watch-out for.

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