Ven2ra: The Red Concert (A review from the Palace by King EOE)

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The Ventura 2nd anniversary has come and gone but its sweet memories will linger for years. Memories in concerts are the ingenuity or insensate displayed during the event by performers. Shout out to the organizers, it’s was a great show. Ibadan needs more. This is necessary to build our entertainment industry and also to put Ibadan on the world entertainment map.

Straight to the real purpose of this article, King EOE will be carefully reviewing all the major performances at the Ven2ra concert on this edition of Views from the Palace. I’ll be rating each performer’s stage ingenuity on the scale of 1-10 too. Come along.


Laf’up CFR will never disappoint. I’d really like to see him live on stage outside the city of Ibadan. Whether it’s his show or it’s him showing love to a colleague (even when it’s for a younger upcoming act), Laf’up would thrill his audience. In the past my fear was never related to underperforming, I was always afraid for acts coming after his performances. My regular rhetorical question was “won’t this Timaya’s brother steal the show from these his boys again?” Laf’up would always raise the bar high for performers after him at every event leaving upcoming acts striving to reach the standard he’d set. At Ven2ra, Laf’up not only slayed it every time he came on stage, he showed he was IB city’s finest and favorite. Little wonder his boxing day event is always sold out. Maybe because of his 1st and 2nd degree in Theater arts from the University of Ibadan, Laf’up is a master performer. I’ll score him a 9/10.

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Bash is a son of the soil true to his origin. His history with Ibadan easily helped him connect to the audience at Ven2ra. The way he introduces other acts depicts his love for other performers, call it a show- off that he calls some acts his sons, he nonetheless drove home the point that he is actually their fada by his very hilarious works showcased at Ven2ra. Bash is a performer any day. He has the right combination of jokes for the right moment, and he knows the right way to deliver it too, to the audience. One more thing, Bash is a dancer sha? Haba!  I’ll rate him an 8/10

Wale Ozolua

Great hype man I must say, though I sincerely don’t think he’s the best for the job he did. He should have just been the man inviting the Artistes up on stage and not engaging the audience. Wale has that unique way of introducing an act with his distinct radio voice. Laf’up and Bash had enough pieces of the pizza to go round by engaging the audience. I noticed that Wale was doing okay on the job until the audience got tired of another performer that stretched their endurance level, thus the bottle throwing scene we witnessed. Wale being a good radio person couldn’t understand the annoyance of the audience in a live concert; he went ahead to drop some punch lines that I think a Laf’up or Bash wouldn’t have dropped. To make matter worse he didn’t get a chance to come back to do a PR- crisis management after his deliveries. Wale would make a superb anchorman at a black tie event or corporate gala. He has in the past shown strength in the job of a hype man. On a lighter note, the kind of prayer that brought about the uniqueness of Wale’s radio voice is beyond the type that a Woli Arole’s prayer can deliver o, that voice has got one of my Queens crushing on him big time and she’s been imagining what his bedroom voice would be like. Hehehehe . Anyways, I’d rate Wale a 7/10

Kie Kie

Kie kie is a DANCER! Come and see energy! When DJ Banky dropped Kiss Daniels’ ‘Mama’, it was as if Kiss Daniel was on stage singing to Kie kie and telling her that the more you dance, the more your chances of being my mama o! Lolz. Kiekie was so classy on stage, no wonder she was the only female anchor chosen for the event. Though it appeared as if she was mildly forcing her visibility on the stage, but she delivered excellently her role, though there were various ‘beefs’ flying about among the female folks on different issues (her dress, her makeup, her body language on stage etc), some even said she could be high on.… considering the energy in the dances, but na all of una sabi o. For me Kie kie was dope as an anchor that night, and I’ll score her 7/10.

Rapin Daddy

The Spartacus comedy show creator, Rapin Daddy was brief yet did the needful on stage. He left the fans with the thirst for more; I’m personally going to be attending his Spartacus IV event next week. I pray he ‘falls’ my royal hand by not letting my Queens laugh enough to wanna give the King a “royal night gift“. It’s obvious that Rapindady has come to stay in Nigeria’s Comedy industry, contrary to the beliefs of some. Rapin is a comedian with a vision, and I bet you, his performance at Ven2ra is just an appetizer for the real show coming next Sunday. I’ll give him a 7/10

Woli Arole

Arole is the dreamer that taught Obafemi Awolowo University what showbiz truly meant with his never say never spirit. My love for his instagram posts is beyond my hatred for the present Nigerian economy. If you were at Laffmattazz 2016, You will know that Arole is one of the killers of the night. Same with Ven2ra. This man killed it for me. But.. but.. what if i no hear Yoruba, na so i for jonz dey look im mouth like a mumu child? Well, shout out to all those that don’t understand the Yoruba language, for all your sakes Woli Arole shouldn’t score more than 5. Unfortunately to the non Yoruba speakers, many more understood him and his Orioke-like prayers, I’m one of them and I kept on shouting AMEN! The prophet is a rib- cracking machine, so I’d grade him a 7/10

Fabulous Pizzy

The day I fell in love with this dude would remain unforgettable. He performed an acoustic version of one of his songs that I can’t remember again, my point is that every performer needs to leave an experience for the audience. Ever since then, I have seen his bad and good performances. I had watched him performing during his sound check on the Ven2ra stage that noon, mehn he successfully “gingered my swagger” only for him to come later doing less of singing and more acting (lolz). This isn’t bad at all as he did his best to engage his fans appropriately. The crowd will forever roar to ‘Sofunwon’ as if its his latest song. They went all wild on Pizzy! He actually threw a neck chain to appreciate his fans. Big ups to him. I score him a 7/10.



The Only Ibadan Boy that wrote an ‘Open Letter’. Dude is so packed that I’d like to know where he gyms, this true Ibadan boy’s chest already got one of the Queens in my jealousy instigated troubles. Who say Ibadan people no like rap? The crowd roared as he did his Twister flows. He thrilled the audiences with not only his flows but with his causing-commotion body. To think he is married with pikin! I for dash am to my sister. BK GMB is good and my advice is that he stays at it, in no time he will be the next big thing outside Ibadan. Credits to him for speaking out about the industry, that’s not an Ibadan thing to do, that sh*t was dope. He scores an 8/10.

Sheun Natural

The “My Angel” crooner tried his best to live up to expectation. Thanks to The Expandables that supported his stage craft. Like Pizzy after his sound check brain-bursting performance, I expected more from his main performance. Why was Sheun so Natural I wondered all through his performance on stage? At some point he was feeling himself and his dancing crew so much that he forgot his audience sha! Lolz. Of course, he is popular. Thanks to God that the audience weren’t so hostile then, I wonder what would have happened if a not-so-popular act had tried his stunt. Truth is that his sound check performance was wayyyy crazier than the real deal. Anyway Sheun Natural has the key to the future and watch out for him. The way the ladies always wanna relate with him? Even at the A babe was fighting hysterically to touch the hem of Sheun’s garment o. Anyway, I score him a 7/10.


Arguably the best musical performer of the night, Oyinkanade a Project fame product did just as I expected dissing the addiction by many Nigerian musical artist of lip singing or miming. Dude gave a standard live performance, kudos to the two vocal geniuses that backed him up on stage, their presence wasn’t irrelevant like many other back up singers of the night. Nothing thrills me than a brother showing another love, Mr. Oyinkanade came back on stage to do is duet with Keanzo, and like it’s was his song bro gave his best. Oyinkanade’s outstanding performance that night got me wondering why he’s still not touring (real tour I mean) the world with other A-List acts. He gets an 8/10.


They say he’s the most valuable exportable contemporary artist in Ibadan; now I believe. With Keanzo the world will surely see the beauty and richness of the Ibadan cultural heritage. Its just that he started his performance with an initial gra-gra. Was the gra-gra necessary? Definitely Yes. It stood him out from the crowd. Though it seemed a little over flogged. I even think he took over the show thinking the show was tagged ‘Keanzo and Friends’. Lolz. I expected Keanzo to know that at Ven2ra his audience were a mixed one, while some are enjoying you, others will be enduring or indifferent to your craft on stage. An entertainer’s ability to win a little more fan at every show is what makes him special. Did Keanzo win more fans? Definitely yes, by bringing one of the night’s best performer on stage and by proving he’s a multi talented music (singer, dancer – real Ibadan dance, & drummer – different percussions). He would have been the best of the night with a 10/10 but that little initial stunt during the first few minutes on stage when the audience was already pensive scores him an 8/10. Anyway with Keanzo, Ibadan to the world is a reality. Watch out!

Tundey GTS

He’s another artist that had functional backup singers on stage. Tundey did very good that night, I mean very well, though he didn’t slay it like he did the day I stumbled on his performance at GQ Lounge. My candid opinion is that he’d do good with a hype man dropping ajasas here and there during his performance. I know he’s a fine artist with good mastery of his art as a matter of fact, he is one of the very unique voices that I have met, nonetheless I believe he can be more creative on stage. If the MC didn’t mention his name at #Ven2ra, many wouldn’t have bothered to Google him like I did after his performance at GQ then. He can give us a better stage experience since his stage presence is already great on its own. Just a little more would have scored him more. I give him a 7/10


First time I’m seeing him on stage. I’ve been a fan of Phizzle for a while now. He’s obviously Ibadan radio station’s favorite boy. Why he over- stayed his welcome on stage is what I don’t understand. Good songs is not all you need, you should be a good performing act as much as you’re a good recording artist. Why wait for the fans to throw you bottles, if they ain’t responding, they most likely ain’t feeling your performance. Don’t overstretch your luck with the fans, give them better show regardless of the ticket price. Phizzle is quite good I know, it just that his luck just left him for a while on Friday night. Anyway, you guys should watchout for him, cos his next performance in this city is to wow those unforgiving bottle throwers. He scores a good 5/10


I’ve been a fan since the time of run their mouth Industry sef! This Bros suppose don dey headline multi countries tours. As every hustler has a big pay- day so will his blowing time come real soon. Jhybo appealed to the audience sentiment for street and street related content. Those punchlines hmmm were crazy but the accompanying experience (performance) was too normal. He scores a 5/10


Wonder why he was introduced as former Kennis Music General. Juwonlo is still a general biko, and he doesn’t need that Kennis affiliation or validation anymore to be recognized. Dude came to town with Minji like the Oba-orin that he is, steadily showing love to his old friends. His performance was reminiscing, the ‘Facebook love’ reminded me of a lady I registered for project fame cause of how good she could render the song. I’m sure for most people  Jaywon on stage brought memories like it did for me. Nice performance but he could have done better, for this he scores a 6/10.

 Falz The Bahd Guy

He was worth the hype and just like i knew he would, he had great fun. This man obviously plays to get paid. I just hope he did take one of our celebrities as a new girlfriend. By the way, Mr Falz since you no go mind a woman twice your age, Check out some pretty ladies we have in this city o and do quick because 2017 is already looking like their wedding year. Back to Falz’s performance, my question really is ‘would an upcoming talent have stolen the attention of the crowd like he did?’ Definitely not! He didn’t do anything thing spectacular apart from dishing out his many hits after hits. The way he stylishly left the audience to beg for “bahd baddo baddest” is a good move. Hence, he left the stage when the ovation was very high. I’d grade him a 6/10.

Burna Boy

Well he isn’t usually seen from the Palace’s view, Burna Boy came through and killed it. Although he performed with the DJ and not a live band like many thought, Burna didn’t forget to put his voice to test by asking the DJ to stop from time to time. Man didn’t also forget to carry all his fans along, starting with his fellow “sharwama” lovers to them ladies and finally the dudes, he had a song for everybody. It feels good to finally hear his voice live on stage. I think he knew Fortune of Beat Fm has been slaying his voice on his Saturday karaoke shows cause Burna’s vocal performance was excellentest. Lolz. He scores an 8/10.


For a rapper, Vector was just at his best. He revealed the dopeness and depth in his thinking when he figured his over 5 years old punchline “I’m heading to SKY” meant another thing. If you were at Ven2ra and couldn’t relate to the SKY thing, then I should ask you “What’s That?” The introduction and accompanying performance of Vector’s new single was funny and creative. It was an experience just as every performance should be. He scores an 8/10

Notable mentions are G-jokes and Say-The-Truth. While G-jokes on the one hand did good for a younger starter in the comedy biz, Say-The-Truth didn’t quite nail it though, I think he didn’t know he was gonna perform as his work lacked needed punch lines and a brutally (from mortal combat) delivered climax. However these two upcoming acts have great prospects. A 6/10 for G-jokes and 3/10 for Say-The-Truth.

In closing, please don’t take it personal if this score isn’t something you’re proud of. It is entirely King EOE’s view from my own Palace. But if my view can let you improve  on your act, please let it. We are all trying to grow this Ibadan Industry in any way we all can, to get beyond the mediocrity mark. So let us do this together.

Ven2ra has come and gone but like I said earlier, its memories will stay with us. It was a one- of – its- kind, a 9/10 show. Hosting a citywide free show didn’t affect the peace of Samonda. Props should be given to the security folks; their crowd management effort was awesome. I will never forget the memories of these six strong men that displayed high class stupidity by fighting over Falz’s hat for over 30 minutes. That’s stupid, ain’t it?

To every entertainer residing in Ibadan, I love you so much, VIEWS FROM THE PALACE is not a concept inspired by hate but of love for the showbiz. King EOE is just an entertainment Enthusiast with a passion for constant growth.

Feel free to leave your comments about the Ven2ra show, If you support or oppose my views.

Until next time, Cheers.

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