Court in Ibadan dissolves 25 years marriage over infidelity

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Wednesday dissolved a 25 year-old marriage between Adebowale and her husband Obasola Odutoye for persistent beating and infidelity. The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, held that the court terminated the marriage because of Adebowale’s insistence on divorce. “If separation remains the only means of achieving peace and tranquility, then, the union between Adebowale and Odutoye has ceased to be henceforth,” he held. He, however, noted that Adebowale all through the trial demonstrated acts of unforgiveness despite appeal from the court and Odutoye.
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He awarded custody of the last three children to Adebowale, adding that the first three should remain in the custody of Odutoye. Adebowale, a fashion designer, told the court that her husband had turned her into a punching bag, accusing her of unsubstantiated infidelity. “I have never known peace since I got married to Odutoye since 1991 because he kept monitoring my movement about in Ibadan. “Anytime he sees any man with me, Odutoye unleashed mayhem on me and sometimes beat me to unconsciousness. “In fact, I have stopped living with him since July 2015 when he almost killed me. “My lord, I am completely tired of being his wife due to his inhumanity to me,” Adebowale said. Odutoye denied maltreating Adebowale and opposed the divorce. He told the court that she insisted, she should return all his property in her custody. “Adebowale is highly promiscuous as I have caught her with her secret lover in her shop. “I have warned her times without number that I don’t want to see her with that man again but she remained adamant. “Though I have since turned a new leaf since the court intervened, adding more money to her business and other monthly allowances. “Yet Adebowale has insisted on going, she must return all my property in her custody,” Odutoye stressed.

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