DettolCleanNaija: Vote now to help keep Ibadan clean

You voted and we cleaned the winning location in Port-Harcourt; Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital. It was an exciting experience as the #DettolCleanNaija team stormed the hospital with buckets, mopping sticks and the new Dettol Multi-surface Cleaner to deliver 10 times better cleaning and germ-kill, stain removal and all day freshness. The mission of #DettolCleanNaija is to go city by city and clean indoor surfaces of establishments using the New Dettol Multi-Surface Cleaner – the new revolutionary product in surface cleaning. The ongoing Dettol Clean Naija campaign train will be in the ancient city of Ibadan next.As the train stops at the largest city in the whole of West Africa, where will the #DettolCleanNaija team clean? Will it be Mapo Hall, National museum of Unity or Queens School? You decide.

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In order to vote for the location you will like the Dettol team to clean within your city, go to

The time to vote is now.

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