I’ve a question for you, is it a good idea for a girl to get married as a virgin?? I know you’re wondering, what’s he saying? Don’t judge me yet… Ladies picture yourself in this scenario… You are of the belief that sex should only be after the holy matrimony, what if during the first night of your honeymoon your husband is unable to get his “thing” up, and all efforts to give him an erection proves abortive, only for you to find out that he is impotent. What would you do?

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I need to hear your opinions, is premarital sex bad after all, isn’t it better than extra-marital affairs? Crazy one! Talk to femifragile… He is the Cooking Pen. Which would you have him whisk, food or words? Ibadan answer this question from one of Ibadan’s outstanding writers. @femifragile

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