Ibadan indigenes want corrupt politicians banned


The ongoing fight against corruption will be meaningless if those found culpable are not jailed and banned from politics for, at least, 20 years, some Ibadan indigenes have said. Led by Elder Jide Ajao, the group, on the platform of Reality Forum of Oyo State, commended the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari against corruption, but maintained that there should be punitive measures against corrupt people so that there would be a departure from the past when they would be let off the hook and continue to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth. The group also warned that if the excesses of Fulani herdsmen were not checked on time, they could be more dangerous than Boko Haram insurgency that the country is battling to stop.

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The people said the constant attacks by Fulani herdsmen should be checked without further delay, or else they will create more problems for us than Boko Haram. The group also took exception to the presidential system of government, saying it is antithetical to good democratic norms, wondering if the country could make any headway with the system’s unimaginable expensive nature.

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