Congratulations as #Alakowe bus makes her inaugural trip today

alak ibadan

alakowe 2

Congratulations to all, as Alakowe bus moves to the Expressway with Historic peeps today.

Well, if you are not on this trip, you need to make the next asap. Even if you don’t have business in Lagos or Ibadan, you should enjoy the tourism to and fro Lagos or Ibadan with 13 other excited people on board #Alakowebus

Even if you were at the cinemas yesterday or you have Home theater at home, you really need to enjoy the experience of seeing a movie on the Expressway with 13 other people, on the #Alakowebus Experience.

Even if you have AC at home office or in your car, you should take time out to enjoy the conducive atmosphere with 13 other people on board @Alakowebus to or fro Lagos or Ibadan

Even if you’ve had breakfast, there’s no harm in enjoying good snacks with 13 other people in a conducive relaxed environment, seeing a movie and enjoying a smooth ride to Lagos on board #Alakowebus.

#Alakowebus is it! It has come, and you should have the experience! Luxury Travel at Everyday fares.



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