Special incentives for Oyo investors


The Oyo State government has offered special incentives to investors seeking Afro-allied opportunities in Nigeria. Governor Abiola Ajimobi said this in his presentation at a breakout session during the 21st Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja. He said the state offered substantial discount to investors wishing to invest in agriculture, while such lands are acquired with relative ease. The governor said: “The major advantage Oyo State has over other states today is its size. We are leveraging on our size and vast landmass to grow our economy. There are many industrial giants in Oyo State today who were attracted to the state by our business incentives. “Oyo State is five times the size of some states. With such size and landmass, as well as the goodwill of the government, there is no business that will not thrive in Oyo State.

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“We are also creating a logistic centre, which will have an industrial park, storage and other facilities. We are doing everything possible to ease logistics in and around the state.”

As part of its regional integration agenda, the governor said Oyo State was partnering Lagos State on reforms that would significantly enhance its internally revenue generation.


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