Group applauds Oyo ministerial choice

A group, Oyo Solidarity Group, Ibadan, Oyo State, has lauded the choice of a legal practitioner, Adebayo Shittu ,as the ministerial-nominee from the state. It added that it was a shift from tradition, and would address the underdevelopment in the marginalised areas of the state. The group, in a statement signed by its President, Teju Olateju, said Shittu’s choice had resolved the problem of marginalisation of Oke-Ogun area of the state in past appointments. Olateju added that some political office holders, who claimed that Shittu’s choice was inappropriate, were undermining the influence of the Oke-Ogun area in Oyo politics.

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He said, “Adebayo’s choice is seen as President Muhammadu Buhari’s display of fairness in appointments, and a well deserved slot for Oke-Ogun, the second largest zone in Oyo State after Ibadan. We hope that the National Assembly will uphold the merit of the nomination. The time taken by the President before the selection made him to discover the high level of marginalisation and underdevelopment in the Oke Ogun area.

“Shittu as the Oyo State ministerial nominee from Oke-Ogun zone of the state, has been a practising lawyer for over three decades in the country. He served in the state House of Assembly, a two-term commissioner in the state, and a governorship aspirant during the 2011 elections. He has not been quizzed for any fraudulent act and has no record of insanity.

“The plot of some persons is to continually manipulate Oke-Ogun to the advantage of the zones from where they are from in Oyo State, and to keep the area in perpetual bondage of underdevelopment.

“The statement flying in some quarters that Shittu is uncooperative, and not a team player, is not only uncomplimentary but malicious from oppressors. The attempt to discredit a laudable decision taken by a more organised and forthright leader of Buhari’s personality is unacceptable.”


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