…and who says the ‘first couple’ in Oyo State cant dance?


Some call the dance step ‘Lakukulala’ famed by the legendary General Kollington Ayinla, in the early 90s, some call it an oldies version of Daddy Showkey’s ‘Galala’, some say it has elements of Ras Kimono’s ‘Rhumba Style’ mixed with MC Galaxy’s ‘Sekem’ . Others say if there could be a dance step called ‘running man’, this should be called ‘Squatting man’. Whichever you think it is, it aint stopping the Governor of Oyo State, and his amiable wife from ‘boogie dancing’ at the event held last night, before he finally addressed the youths.

See more dance steps….

IMG_7773 IMG_7774

IMG_7771 IMG_7762

IMG_7759 IMG_7758

IMG_7756 IMG_7775

IMG_7755 IMG_7753

IMG_7752 IMG_7747

IMG_7746 IMG_7745

IMG_7744 IMG_7788

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