#chillinwithajimobi; Photos as Ibadan youths ‘chilled’ with Ajimobi


If you were at the event #chillinwithajimobi, I bet you enjoyed yourself. Lets relive the moments together. If you were not there, here is a sneak peak….

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IMG_7335  IMG_7296

IMG_7295 IMG_7340

IMG_7395 IMG_7336

IMG_7394 IMG_7393

IMG_7392 IMG_7391

IMG_7386 IMG_7377

IMG_7375 IMG_7374

IMG_7372 IMG_7369

IMG_7365 IMG_7361

IMG_7536 IMG_7535

IMG_7534 IMG_7532

IMG_7529 IMG_7403

IMG_7402 IMG_7400

IMG_7597 IMG_7596

IMG_7594 IMG_7592

IMG_7590 IMG_7585

IMG_7568 IMG_7566

IMG_7565 IMG_7563

IMG_7556 IMG_7555


IMG_7692 IMG_7676

IMG_7675 IMG_7665

IMG_7657 IMG_7651

IMG_7630 IMG_7620

IMG_7614 IMG_7613

IMG_7606 IMG_7800

IMG_7605 IMG_7603

IMG_7601 IMG_7797

IMG_7796 IMG_7793

IMG_7790 IMG_7857

IMG_7859 IMG_7891

IMG_7892 IMG_7886

IMG_7910 IMG_7343

IMG_7344 IMG_7341

IMG_7338 IMG_7319

IMG_7317 IMG_7300

IMG_7294 IMG_7914

IMG_7904 IMG_7901

IMG_7895 IMG_7885

IMG_7871 IMG_7861

IMG_7850 IMG_7846

IMG_7837 IMG_7821

IMG_7816 IMG_7809


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