Photos from NYSC ‘Batch B’ POP Groove at Options 24/7 in Ibadan



It could be called something like a ‘wild party’ as the ‘excorpers’ let down defences and let up the smoke in a steamy groovy all night party at Options 24/7 at Ikolaba GRA in Ibadan. As much as a birthday celebration of one of them was going on, the ex-‘Otondos’ let caution to the winds and rocked like it was going out of fashion. The high point of the night was the cutting of the NYSC cake that was creatively designed for the party. It was a night!

More photos below…

DSCF9374 201 174 11

16 8



5 6

14 22

9 7

21 3

DSCF9352 DSCF9278 DSCF9263 DSCF9237

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