G7 not a faction in Oyo PDP—Oyelese


A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo State, Elder Wole Oyelese, has faulted claims that the Group of Seven (G7) governorship aspirants of Ibadan origin within the party is a faction. Oyelese, in a statement, on Tuesday, said those who were afraid of the lofty goal that this group stood for were misleading the populace by describing it as a faction within the party.

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Oyelese, who is a former Minister of  Power, said it was insulting for anyone to describe the group, which was campaigning for the party’s governorship ticket to come to a candidate of Ibadan origin, as a faction headed by former Senate Leader, Teslim Folarin.

According to him, formation of the group was rather strengthening the chord of harmony within the party and encourages larger participation by more people.

Oyelese faulted media reports suggesting that G7 was a faction.

The statement read in part: “Rather than a fresh crisis brewing in the Oyo PDP as some detractors of the party would want people to believe, it is actually a new beginning of unity that would build a very strong PDP in Oyo State that is occurring.

“Our party is definitely not divided along the lines of any two individuals as the writer stated. If the writer has been paid to write the disgraceful piece, then he must be told that he is not doing his news paper any credit.

“When I convened the G7, it was not meant to serve the interest of any one individual. The G7 is composed of prominent Ibadan sons, some of whom are very experienced politically. It is, therefore, a personal insult and an attempt to erode my credibility to say that I belong to a group under Folarin.

“It is a known fact that it is practically impossible for anyone to call himself my leader in the Oyo PDP. For the avoidance of contradiction, the G7 is not under any group belonging to Folarin. The personalities in the group are too big for that. Each member of the G7 is pursuing his political aspiration independently and everyone has their integrity and credibility to protect.

“The meeting in Abuja recognised the presence of four interests in Oyo State thus:  Chief Alao-Akala, the neutral group as represented by me (Elder Oyelese), Teslim Folarin and the Olubadan Stadium interest.

“We have all resolved to work under one umbrella, so as to form the next government in Oyo State. There are no two individuals among the aspirants, who can represent the interest of Oyo state PDP at any meeting and any attempt to do that may be an inadvertent attempt to disrupt the party.

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