Photography exhibition focuses on the ‘other side’ of singer, Beautiful Nubia

Popular folklore singer, Beautiful Nubia, was the focus of a photography exhibition, where the ‘other side’ of the singer was laid bare for the public to appreciate. Most people only know Beautiful Nubia for his musical prowess, but photography artiste, Ademola Bamigbelu, who has been capturing the singer on his lens for a while now decided to exhibit the photographs. The exhibition coincided with the performance of the artiste at the Alliance Francaise, Ibadan. Speaking before the performance, the Director of the Alliance Francaise, Ibadan, Mr Alain Croguennec, said the centre would always welcome Beautiful Nubia to perform because of the crowd he draws to the centre.

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“Apart from that, bringing Beautiful Nubia is also our own way of supporting folkore music, which is being threatened by modern forms of music. “We are all aware that folkore music carries a lot of messages, and it also deepens one’s knowledge about the African tradition roots,” Mr Croguennec said, while commending the singer for always identifying with the centre. Shortly before the performance, the singer was asked to take a look at the photographs being exhibited, and he was shocked the exhibition was in his honour. “I am really speechless because I didn’t expect what I am seeing,” Beautiful Nubia said, referring to the photographs. “I never knew someone was documenting my moves apart from my performances, and I am just so happy about this,” the singer said, while revealing that his favourite was the one in which he was playing football. “So apart from music, the world can also know that I am a good footballer,” the singer said jokingly. The photography artist, Mr Bamigbelu, said he discovered there are many sides to Beautiful Nubia other than music, “and that was why I started focusing my lens on him whenever I happen to be where he is. “This work has taken a couple of years in the making, and I am glad that I am exhibiting it just before his performance; he was not aware that such thing would be coming up, and I am happy to give the king of folklore music a surprise,” Bamigbelu said.

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