Oyo 2015 will not be about money —Olaosebikan


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant, Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan, has said that the candidate that will govern the state from next year will not be determined by how rich he or her is, but by the yearnings of the people of the state. He stated this while speaking with the Nigerian Tribune on Monday. He added that he was confident that the people of Oyo State wanted change and preferred someone from the younger generation to be their next governor.

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“I think the issue here is not the size of the office one had worked or the quantum of money one amassed from the office. “It is about the impact one was able to make in the lives of people and how much good things, in terms of developmental national projects and positions one was able to attract to the state. “Equally important are the remarkable sustainable policies beneficial to the growth of the people of the state one was able to put in place while in service.

“Another factor here is the totality of the integrity of the aspirants. What is his pedigree, professionally socially and politically? As a professional, how did he perform in his profession? Socially, does he relate well with the people and politically, what manner of politics does he play? Does he have any link with the grass roots, or any solid base what so ever? Is he a good team player or somebody that would resort to destruction of the party and her people when things do not go his way?

“It is already clear to the leaders and key players in our party that the person to win the race is the aspirant with established good connect and antecedents with the grass roots.”

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