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I am a wife, mother and lifecoach, I am woman who understands life has many colours – Tinu Smith

  Tinu Smith A.K.A Datina is an Ibadan mother, Fashion designer, mentor, lifecoach. she is deeply passionate about music. She deeply has passion for women and youth empowerment, she has been having her event Colours of Worship years now. She recently spoke about her life, passion and event with Read More… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

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Humans Of Ibadan: Truly Education is a leverage to success in life.

I grew up in the Far East where education is only for the rich. I didn’t have the opportunity for higher education; I struggled to finish high school which was the end of education for me. After years of farming I decided to relocate to Ibadan where I stayed with my uncle who helped me get a job as a clerk at the University of Ibadan. I was very hard working, and everyone loved me until I was disqualified and sacked due to request for education upgrades. Of course, I was sent to the street after many years in service....


Behind the screen: YANGA movie premiere at MAUVE 21 on the 30th of April

   Movie lovers are set to go on a ride of fun as foremost PR Executive and CEO of #MAYAAwardsAfrica, one of Nigeria’s most prestigious youths awards, ADEMOLA MOREKLUE AJIBOLA is set to release his new movie, YANGA. The 3 cast movie, shot on location in Ibadan, features Nollywood fine boy, DAMOLA OLATUNJI, #AMVCA winner, JUMOKE ODETOLA & Sexy diva, NKECHI SUNDAY.   The movie which centres on forgiveness analyses how our inability to forgive ourselves can go and how disastrous the outcomes of unforgiveness can be, is set to be premiered on the 30th of April, 2017 to an...

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Free Entertainment This Easter

Ibadan, it will be awesome this Monday at the palms mall! 👏👏 You can’t afford to miss this! Come along for a cool hangout with your favorite people amidst music, dance, drama skits and lots more!!! This is a FREE SHOW💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻. Come enjoy beautiful Easter music, take pictures and get tagged on social media. Also there will be lots of freebies for kids . Date: 17th April, 2017 Time:1pm Prompt Venue: Palms mall You Wouldn’t wanna Miss Out of This Holy Monday Fun!! For further details call Glory Omoregie on 08033177492❤ (Edited By Olamide Michael) FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

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TO IMPRESS YOUR LOVER THIS EASTER!!!! Why Not Try these 9things and Laffmattaz

9. Bring Her Gifts Even the thought that your partner manages to buy you a gift despite his busy schedule, makes a girl happy. Your gift that makes your girl happy. 8. Surprise Her Girls are very fond of surprises. So go for it. A girl always want her boyfriend to be unpredictable. These little surprises may make her day, and this way you can reach more closer to her heart. 7. Take Her To Her Favorite Place Take your girl to her favorite place even if you don’t enjoy it. Go with her, it will mean a lot 6....


The right way and the wrong way to text your crush

There’s something so exciting about a new love interest. Maybe it’s the cat-and-mouse chase that revs up our heart rates, or maybe we just delight in the idea that someone could actually like us. Whatever the case, it’s fun to flirt with a crush — even if it is a little intimidating, at times! Back in the day, people actually had to think things out and either put them into writing with a pen and paper or say them to their intended’s face. Both options usually involved an incredible amount of preparation (and, often, wads of crumpled up paper) in...


Things You Really Need to Stop Doing for Your loving Kids

Your kids are your lifeblood, and you’d do anything for them. Well, not so fast, super-mom. Here, are totally well-intentioned “helping” behaviors that just might be causing them more harm than good. Cooking Them Whatever They Want You’ve spent the entire day making a healthy vegetarian meal that checks off all the food groups (and smells delicious). But when you sit down to eat, your five-year-old demands fried rice with plantain. So…up you go to make it. But by catering to his every demand, you’re reinforcing bad habits and limiting his ability to try new things. Instead, offer a couple of...


Today’s Lifestyle: Harsh parenting may do more harm than good for children’s education

Ibadan their is a new research that suggests using physical or verbal abuse to punish a child may encourage risky behavior in adolescence, leading to lower educational attainment. Researchers suggest that harsh parenting may hinder a child’s academic outcomes. From an analysis of more than 1,000 students, researchers found that children exposed to harsh parenting were more likely to engage in delinquency and other negative behaviors as teenagers, which was associated with lower educational achievement by the age of 21. This is not the first study to document the negative implications of harsh parenting – generally defined as shouting, hitting,...


Fashion Today: Crochet braids for all African women from the 90’s till date

Tips & Tricks Crochet braids are hardly a new hairstyle because they are well-known thanks to the popular trend back in the 90’s. Also known as latch hook braids, this style made a great debut in 2015/2016 and it’s loved mostly by all African women. Crochet braids are not a simple hairstyle to do, but they are amazing because you can experiment with various options, colors, lengths and textures, while you will keep your hair undamaged and safe. Today crochet braids are very different from the traditional ones back in the late 90’s. Many women are styling their hair more naturally...

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Health Today: A healthy sex life may boost job satisfaction

According to a 2016 survey, around 50 percent of employees around the world feels unsatisfied with their jobs. However, a new study suggests a surprising way to boost satisfaction in the workplace: maintain a healthy sex life.                                                        A healthy sex life may increase satisfaction and engagement in the workplace. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email