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Proper rehabilitation of ex-convicts inspired my ‘Right the wrong’ initiative’

The name Don T is a household name in Ibadan and the South-West.  He has built his profile as a media personality with various FM stations in Ibadan, a regional judge with MTN Project Fame, among other projects. He discussed his media journey with ROTIMI IGE in this interview. Excerpts  Read More… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

humans of Ibadan Adeniyi

Humans of Ibadan: I kept my dreams and side hustle alive to make ends meet

Life gave me the choice of choosing right from wrong. I am fortunate to make that choice today. With my secondary school certificate, I used to sell engine oil by the roadside full time to make money before getting this job as a security police at a company. I started working here months back so as to meet up with my family needs. Working full time, I thought the salary and tips would be enough to feed my family, but after few weeks of dryness, I had no choice than to run back to my business on part time. What happened was that, as a...


Humans of Ibadan: I walked round Oke-Ado with tears of sorrow. But today I walk round Oke-Ado in memories and happiness

Life is not a bed of roses they say, and I can boldly say I have had my fair share of life. After various issues from my marriage to the man I love, I decided to let peace reign and relocate with my 2 year old son from Offa to Ibadan though I knew no one in the city.  I contacted my friend’s sister when I got down at the park in Ibadan to stay at her place, but she wouldn’t let me after setting eyes on me, because she claimed I was far older than her. I was left...


Human of Ibadan: He Said He Did Rituals And The Thief Was Me.

I was sent on an errand to get petrol one afternoon by my boss. I mounted on my bicycle and journeyed down a sloppy road. Unknowingly a car overtook and I lost brake. That was how the accident occurred. I was seriously wounded but I tried to get myself to do my boss’s bidding, and I was taken home. My legs swelled unbelievably that day. And I was left to suffer. Few days later, on that fateful day, my boss came to my house in a bid to get me arrested. What for? I later learnt that a sum of...

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Humans of Ibadan: She taught me only washing and setting out of all the known styles to the world- Pretty Comfort

I was unfortunate to learn from a popular hairstylist who believes in not teaching you everything. She taught me only “washing and setting” out of all the styles available in the world, even after collecting a huge amount of money. I decided to go out of my own way to learn other styles available, though there wasn’t money, since I’ve ‘invested’ all my savings with my boss. I decided to do different things to make more money so as to be a virtuous woman. I have to work selling in the morning and I go home to plait people’s hair in the...

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Humans Of Ibadan: A bike accident almost claimed my Life

I have been running my farm for over 8 years now and over the years I have at one time experienced what giving up on what you love doing best could be. That fateful day I was on my way back from work at Challenge when the car hit my bike so fiercely that the bike man and I flew off to oblivion. It was like a script in an action movie, but all I saw was a different environment in the reality. My legs were in pains for months I could not do anything; I spent all I had...