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‚ÄúLIFE OF A MEDIA GIRL‚ÄĚ ‚Äď #THEMEDIABOOK About the Book Life of a Media Girl is a new media book authored by Pat Obilor, one of Nigeria‚Äôs veteran media personalities, a University of Ibadan graduate and an alumnus of the London Media Academy. The book, Life of a Media Girl is a focus on women in the spotlight, the media industry as well as other public profession and how the society portrays these women in relation to their social, religious and cultural beliefs. Read more‚Ķ FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Healthy Eating for an Active Lifestyle

Whether you engage in physical activity and sports or not, healthy eating is essential for optimizing performance. Combining good nutrition with physical activity can lead to a healthier lifestyle. In line with this, Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no 1 food ordering platform shares some healthy eating hacks to achieve an active lifestyle. Read more… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Throwback Thursday: Photos of International Institute of Tropical Agricultural (IITA) in the Early 60s.

International Institute of Tropical Agricultural (IITA) was established in 1967 in Ibadan, the idea of the institute came from Ford and Rockefeller foundations desire to establish a centre for the improvement in quality of tropical foods. IITA is 50 years old. The institute came to existence with the enactment of decree 32. of 1967. IITA joined the CGIAR consortium in 1971. It later added tree products such as plantain and banana. Recently, IITA has operated four research divisions: Biotechnology and genetic improvement, Natural resource management, Social science and agribusiness, and Plant production and plant health. (Compiled By Olamide Michael) FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

I am a wife, mother and lifecoach, I am woman who understands life has many colours – Tinu Smith

  Tinu Smith A.K.A Datina is an Ibadan mother, Fashion designer, mentor, lifecoach. she is deeply passionate about music. She deeply has passion for women and youth empowerment, she has been having her event Colours of Worship years now. She recently spoke about her life, passion and event with Read More… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Humans of Ibadan: I prepared for my 3rd WASC exams as if my next breath after the exams depended on it – Mrs Oni

Memory is the faculty of the mind that brings past to the present. Schooling while growing up was a tough job for me. I was an average student who hated promotional exams. Every 3rd term was a nightmare, as I always had the fear of failing and repeating my class. Read More… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Without money nothing can be done, Someone is Hungry – Afouda

In order to shed more light on our ongoing hunger campaign, #Someoneishungry. We have conducted an interview with the initiator of Afo-Hi, where he speaks on all there is to know about the campaign.    Can we meet you? I am Afouda Samuel, an OAP, a Lawyer, a MC and and Entrepreneur. I’m the third child in a family of four children and I am based in Ibadan.  What inspired Afo-Hi? Afo-Hi is a social campaign and a social experiment that was bore out of my personal experience and the understanding of the fact that whatever a man has been...