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#MyIbadan: is the place I call home no matter where I am in the world.

  Today, Adedamola Adedotun Layade a.k.a Damouche speaks… I was born in UCH Ibadan some 3Xyears ago. I grew up a Bodija boy so it’s safe to say that I am a bonafide Ibadan boy. #MyIbadan is the place I call home no matter where I am in the world, the place that resonates with culture, art and history. The only city where you get amala to fele bi eti with gbegiri and omi obe (whether at Inastrait, Iya Ope, Iya Adija or the new wave Skye Bank amala in Bodija.. wonderful and hardworking people and beautiful women. Also, the...


#MyIbadan: Ibadan a Bustling Town with Robust Nightlife – Rotimi Ige.

Today, the CEO of Roy Media speaks… Ibadan has been my place of abode since 2007 and has been good to me. It has become a bustling town with robust nightlife. It is ever changing and soon to become a metropolitan city as everyday, more investors are coming in. #MyIbadan entertainers have also become relevant in their various fields and I make bold to say #MyIbadan will soon regain its pacesetter status and become an economic hub. I love #MyIbadan. Why do you Love #MyIbadan? Save FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email


#MyIbadan Maintains Her PACE SETTER Status – Incredible Dj Banky.

Today, Foremost DJ, Incredible DJ Banky speaks. “I love #MyIbadan due to its favorable atmosphere which is quiet for resting, working and tourism. It’s so clean and safe to live in Ibadan. Everything from the ancient red roof architecture to the unique personalities in the city as continuously helped my inspiration and profession as a Disk Jockey. In Ibadan, we love Apala, Juju, Fuji, Rap, HipHop and R & B. Despite the opprobrium, my city maintains her PACE SETTER status as the home of intellectuals. Just close your eyes to the social media memes and come see for yourself. I...


#MyIbadan: My Ibadan is Home. My Ibadan is Beautiful.

Today, OAP, Entertain, and media practitioner, Myspyce speaks… My name is Mariam Adeola Gbadebo, Better Known as Mspyce the Duchess. I’m a media practitioner and Entertainer. I moved to Ibadan in 2014. The question that probably crossed your mind is “Why Ibadan ? It’s beautiful here, homely, warm fuzzy and definitely welcoming Ibcity is the real land of opportunity. You can become whoever you want to be without compromising your values, I can’t say the same for some other places The ambience is peaceful and relaxing. Oh did I mention the food! Awesome! I love Ibcity because only in Ibadan...

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#MyIbadan: Ibadan, the city I migrated to in error- Caxton Martins Olatunde

Today, Event MC and Speaker, Mr Caxton Martins Olatunde speaks… “Ibadan the city where I migrated to in error, but time has proven that my steps were ordered here, no gain saying that this city has been a blessing to me to say the least. I’ve risen from less than one to many. You don’t make sooooo much here but you probably don’t need as much too. I love #myibadan.” Do you love #MyIbadan? FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Adewale Agbaje

#MyIbadan: I am Ibadan’s numero uno errand boy – Adewale Agbaje

Today, The Managing Partner of Hams Universal Consulting speaks… “My name is Adewale Agbaje, I like to think of myself as Ibadan’s numero uno errand boy. Amongst many things, I’m an interaction engineer and Ibadan is the city of interaction. Best of all the worlds, #MyIbadan does art, music, food, medicine, education like no where else. There are so many breath taking spots and hide aways, hit me up and I might share with you. The city has its own rhythm and all you have to do is let go and let Ibadan take over. These and more are some...

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#MyIbadanStory: Why Do You Love Ibadan?

#MyIbadan is Cool… #MyIbadan is Serene… #MyIbadan is Quiet… #MyIbadan is Peaceful… 👌 #MyIbadan is Awesome to visit.. #MyIbadan is Perfect for relaxation… 👌 #MyIbadan is great to raise a family in… #MyIbadan is pocket friendly to build in… 👌 #MyIbadan has beautiful and smart ladies… #MyIbadan has hardworking go-getter as gentlemen… 👌 #MyIbadan has jovial market women… #MyIbadan has accommodating landlords and neighbors… 👌 #MyIbadan has skillful craftsmen… #MyIbadan has homely people everywhere… 👌 #MyIbadan has extraordinary talents among the youth… #MyIbadan has gifted artistes in studios…👌 #MyIbadan entrepreneurs are goal oriented… #MyIbadan Entertainment guys know their onions… 👌...